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Anonymous said...

salam kak suria,i always read your blog and noticed the islamic quotes on the top right.May i know where do you get them? :)

soleil m said...

Salam & hi Anonymous!

Tqvm for reading my blog :)

I usually got the islamic quotes from tumblr (Do you have one? Mine is & other inspiring sources

But I suggest you to follow these awesome sites;


amirah najihah abdul rahim said...

Kak Su Cookie! :)
Lamo dok buko blog ni, berwajah baru doh Comel do'oh.
Bilo majlis Kak Su?

Anonymous said...

hi kak surria,
can i know how u design ur blog?
lawa lah...hehe
kak suria selalu tukar layout....mcm mana nak buat tu?:)

soleil m said...

//Salam & hallo Amirah!

OMG! 2 tahun berlalu baru nak reply msg awak! If I were pregnant, mungkin sekarang sudah selamat bersalin. Lols!

Haven't heard from you for quite some times. Semoga sihat-sihat sahaja di sana :)

// Salam & hi Anonymous!

Tqvm for the compliment. I edited the blog gune the blogspot template je, cume header je la selalu tukar. I usually searched for some inspiring photos, then edit guna Paint & Picasa. As simple as that. Hopefully this has answered your question ya?

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