May 28, 2015



It had been a sad & difficult weekend for us with the loss of my beloved cousin, Afif Asyraf Yahya, 28 who was involved in a fatal car crash at Kuala Krai on 24/05/2015

Arwah, an ustaz at Tahfiz school wasn't really a football fan but it was fated by Allah swt that his ajal was that way. Arwah & my another cousin, Amiruddin Nawi, 29 were on their way home to K.Bharu after watching FA Cup Final at Bukit Jalil the night before. We were also told that arwah had declined our cousins' offer to stay at their home in Seri Kembangan & insisted to drive home straight away after the match after receiving call/whatssap msg from his wife who had false contraction earlier

What saddens us most is to see his wife's condition who is now expecting their first baby & is due in 3 weeks time. Can't imagine if I were in her shoes. Allahurabbi. Sedihnyaaa :'(

I still can't fathom this. Growing up together, he was more than a cousin to me. From going to the Taski together, playing all sorts of games after school, playing badminton, going to kelas mengaji & tuition classes etc; how could I easily erase all that memories when we shared our childhood together?

May Allah swt grant him jannah, his wife abundance of patience & may their unborn child grow up well & be as soleh as his arwah father. Amin ya rabbal alamin 

5 days have passed & we still can't stop thinking about him. Betul lah orang cakap kan? Orang baik, ramai yang sedih bila dah tak ada. Rest well dear cousin. You're missed by everyone. Al-fatihah

May 21, 2015

23 April 2015

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I still have one pending post about my last previous to KL on 23/04, so might as well blog about it. This is actually an outdated post tapi kena blog jugak bertujuan untuk kenang-kenangan. This post has been in the draft for more than 2 weeks. Lagi sikit nak jadi tempoyak

It was supposed to be A.H's turn to come to K.Bharu after I went there on 02/04 but since he & his family are now amidst moving to their new house soon + A.H doesn't have cuti banyak + we wanted to survey furniture for our soon-to-be bedroom, so when A.H asked me, "Nak datang KL tak?", of course the answer was "Yes" with exclamation mark :P

23/04/2015, Thursday


Took the 6.55 pm AirAsia flight & went straight to the airport after work. Tqvm Abah sebab susah-susah datang fetch kat office & hantar pergi airport. Dari single till dah kahwin pun, still susahkan Abah. Huhu!

Took ERL from KLIA 2 to KL Sentral & A.H came to fetch me there. Laju gile jalan sebab nak amik train at 8.15 pm. Elok-elok je masuk & took my seat, about 30 seconds later they closed the door. Pheww!

Arrived at KL Sentral about 30 minutes later, greeted by A.H with his surprise tak jadi. Lols! Had dinner at Manhattan Fish Market at NU Sentral. Oh, kebetulan the next day, 24/04 Lee Min Ho nak datang for Grand Launch Event, so there was a dance show or something by a group of teens. Tak paham konsep tarian, electric eel dance ke ape ntah

Anyway, I was so excited seeing Lee Min Ho's face everywhere although posters semata-mata but still! Sigh!

Couldn't help but to have a selfie & of course, A.H won't let me syok sendiri -.-'

24/04/2015, Friday
Went to A.H's new family house at Taman Mahagoni, Batang kali in the morning. Love the view & surrounding. Stayed there for about an hour & a half before we headed back to KL & straight away to IKEA

Tehey perut ko, bey?

Had dinner at Restauran Wong Solo, Kg Baru later at night. Me & Ayam Penyet Wong Solo, we are inseparable since my UiTM days. Too bad we don't have it here in K.Bharu, so I set the rule that a visit to the restaurant is wajib whenever I'm in KL. Nasib baik A.H also likes Ayam Penyet. Hehe!

Nasi extra 1 mangkuk please?

Went to Quill City Mall later to burn the fat kununnya. Had fun jakun time at Hamley's which eventually led to buying Umar, my nephew a set of tool box toys. Baik betul Ayah Sue belanja Umar. So diharap Umar janganlah membuli Ayah Su & Mama Sue kelak dengan invading our hp & bed just to watch his own videos. Self obsessed much my nephew -.-'

Anyway, kids nowadays are so lucky! Their toys are so advanced, I even feel like buying to myself some!

25/04/2015, Saturday
Jalan-jalan at Masjid India in the morning after we checked-out from the hotel. Bought some stuff & then we had lunch with the in-laws at White House Kopitiam at Sri Rampai Business Park, Wangsa Maju. The conversation was mainly about the house renovation, so I didn't involve much. Hehe! Tapi awal-awal tu sempat la MIL & SIL tanya kite "Sue dah pregnant ke?" Lols! 

Relax people, relax. I only get to meet my Husband like once in 3 or 4 weeks. Can I just enjoy traveling alone for now? :P

A.H sent me off to KL Sentral later before he went straight to work for the night shift. I took 8.30 pm flight & yes, I was very good at hopping the train at the very last minute before the door closed -.-'

Gaya posing same je, baju je lain -.-'

No time to window shopping this time tapi sempat lah jeling-jeling. Oh, there's also Upin Ipin Shoppe near the gate. Umar must love & go rambang mata in this shop, I think. Hehe! Next time okay, Umar?

The end. Sekian

Oh, InsyaAllah. A.H will be coming here tonight! The last time beliau balik K.Bharu was in March. Can't wait for our beach trip tonight! :D

May 19, 2015

Wedding Photos

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I just received our Wedding photos & cd from our photographer, 10Bucks Photo yesterday evening. Actually dah lama siap but baru semalam sempat amik. Hehe!

Looking at my wedding photos, especially me in the akad nikah & reception dresses gave me 1001 feelings. Honestly, if I could turn back time, I would change a few things on that day to satisfy my OCD self. Sigh! Does it only happen to me? Or some of the brides memang akan ada some things yang they wished they could redo them on their wedding days?

But yeah, benda dah lepas. In fact, A.H & I will turn 3 months on this Friday. Alhamdulillah

Nonetheless, these 2 are among my favourite. The photos were taken before the Akad Nikah on 21/02/2015, Saturday

Dais & akad nikah dress from Nurza Wedding House, Kota Bharu

May 18, 2015

Di Tepi Pantai Yang Indah

Pantai Irama, 18/05/2015

Assalamualaikum & hi!

May has been a busy month! Pheww! It felt so nice that me & the pupil, Mizah actually had time to go to Pantai Irama on our way back from Bachok Land Office this morning despite having some urgent work to do back in the office. I took a lot of selfish selfies & sent them to A.H via Whatssap although I knew he was busy in the OT

Ya ya, a very thoughtful wife I am :P

I love beaches. I mean, who doesn't? This is one of the perks of living in Pantai Timur, the beaches are nice & beautiful! And I'm so glad that there's KFC just in front of the beach. Nampak sangat dah lama tak datang Pantai Irama. Gile hipster orang Bachok sekarang, mannn!

Ok, back to work!

May 13, 2015

Window Shopping aka Berangan

Assalamualaikum & hi!

As blogged previously, A.H & his family are now preparing to move to their new house soon (after the renovation complete which be probably in the middle of June, InsyaAllah) which means .... I get to survey furniture & stuff for A.H & I's own territory i.e the bedroom! WoohOo!

A.H knows my taste so well & he's so kind to let me be his personal ID for our bedroom. Well, as if he has any other choice :P But still, shopping for furniture is so much fun! I've been visiting & spending so much time at the IKEA website lately, adding one thing after another to my cart as if I'm physically at the IKEA Damansara store. Hehe!

For the record, these are a few things that I've been eyeing at (with my personal Minister of Finance's approval, of course). Tepek sini dulu, so senang nak refer next time

I'm always a big fan of white kerawang bed frame as it has this timeless girlish. So, when I saw this kind of bed frame (not difficult to guess that it's from IKEA) at some random pictures at Tumblr or Instagram, my inner girlish side screameddddd with delight!

I was in doubt on its sturdiness at first tapi bila dah try duduk atas tu during our visits to Ikea, macam ok je

A.H wants side tables with drawer(s), so that we can keep things inside while me, I want something pretty but practical which means, simple & can easily be moved around. So, senang nanti nak rearrange furniture dalam bilik even when A.H isn't around. Hehe!

LINDVED is also pretty but it doesn't have any drawer & macam senang je tumbang. Imagine having kid(s) as active as my 19 month-old nephew, Umar. Pheww!

These might not be necessary but I always like my bedroom lit by table lamp(s) as it gives the room a more calming vibe

A.H wants customized wardrobes where there's a vanity/dresser in between (so thoughtful of my Husband to include one of my favourite things in his plan. Hehe!). Something like this but not exactly like this. You get the idea?

But me, on the other hand, like something simple mainly because we'll rarely spend our days there as A.H will be moving to K.Bharu soon, InsyaAllah. Since, barang pun tak banyak kat sana, I don't think we need to spend so much money on big wardrobes kan?

So, my personal picks are these;

A.H & I agreed to not have a proper vanity/dresser for our new bedroom. Instead, we'll just have a multipurpose table which can function as both vanity/dresser & work table. We also plan to put a flat TV on the wall just above the table to replace a mirror & have a long mirror instead put on the other side of the wall. That's the initial plan but rasa macam tak cantik pulak buat macam tu. We'll see how it goes la nanti

IKEA doesn't actually offer many dressers in its catalog but these 2 caught my eyes


Tak pun, we just pair MALM dresser with this mirror. I have one like this in my bedroom at home
Beside bed & wardrobes, wall mirror is also important in every bedroom. Apalah ertinya kehidupan seorang wanita tanpa kehadiran cermin di sisi

My no. 1 pick is the first one on the left, UNG DRILL which really reminds me to the magic mirror used by Snow White's cruel step mother. Kan? Ke mirror dia dihiasi oleh tengkorak & tulang-temulang? Whatevesss. But still, it looks pretty to me. EKNE pun ok jugak, simpler than UNG DRILL

Do you still need long mirror when you already have oval wall mirror, mirror di dalam washroom, mirror di dalam compact powder, serta mirror yang lain? Oh yes, why not? :P

These 2 are my favourite ones

I more prefer EKNE anyway as it can also be hung horizontally above the vanity while BRIMNES is more suitable to be placed in washroom, I think

I know we can cheaper rugs with better quality than IKEA rugs. Nak-nak kalau beli kedai orang Pakistan kan? But I like these kinds of rugs

Ohoi! Seronoknya window shopping sambil dikelilingi oleh kerja-kerja ofis yang bertimbun -.-' Ok lah, nak sambung buat kerja. Bai Bye!

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