Tuesday, 28 March 2017

I'm Officially In The Swollen Feet Club

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

During my 1st trimester & early 2nd trimester of pregnancy, I was still wearing my formal black court shoes (high heels) to the courts & that of course made my concerned friends went 😱 at me. Hehe!

I miss you, my pretty best friend. We shall be reunited soon!

Honestly, I'm not a high heel kind of person as I wear flats all the time but for a person who stands at 153 cm, wearing high heels definitely boosts her confidence running in the runway (read: courts) & that person is *coughs* me #shortgirlsproblem

And these, OMG! Can I have all of them please please please? Where can I get them without getting my bank account zero?

So I bid temporary au revoir to them, I mean my high heels, not my friends la hehe & lived on my favourite pair of black Jelly Bunny flats which I bought during our honeymoon wayyyy back in February 2015. They still look good & they are still as comfortable as the first time I slipped my feet into them more than 2 years ago. Talk about the quality & durability! I wear them anywhere I go; courts, malls, beach, kenduris, pasar etc. So sad that they have stopped producing the collection, if not I would buy the same pairs in different colours

During 1 of many beach trips that we had together

Namun, langit tidak selalunya cerah, the same thing goes to my feet & my beloved Jelly Bunny flats. No matter how much I want them to stay friends, unfortunately, my swollen feet (especially in this 3rd trimester) demand more. After spending long hours at the courts or jalan banyak-banyak, my feet would be lenguh-lenguh, swollen & turn red. Not to forget, my feet size has also upgraded itself from 36 to 37 tanpa segan silu

Yes, the day has finally come & I'm now in the same club as other pregnant women who face the same swollen feet dilemma. Lols!

So, hallo new & more comfortable black flats! I'll bring you jalan-jalan to the court tomorrow & next week ok?

I can't remember how many black flats/shoes/sandals I've owned in my entire life but black is sexy!

Tqvm A.H for these walaupun nawaitu kita bercerita via whatsapp as I was walking alone in Aeon Mall last Sunday was just to tell, not to give him hints or anything. But I guess, some husbands can read their wives well, even via whatsapp msg & my Husband is the best at that :P

Sunday, 19 March 2017


Assalamualaikum & hallo!

I think I'm getting bored with this blog template. How long have I been using this one? Since the past 6 months? Or a year? Or more than a year?

I need a blog make over. Like right now *berkobar-kobar*

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary 💍

 21/02/2017, Tuesday. 25w4d

2 years ago on this date, A.H & I tied a knot after 13 months of knowing each other 💍

You may want to read about how we met here:-

We are definitely not an epitome of a perfect couple you've seen or read from any cheesy love story. We're not perfect but our imperfection perfects each other in so many ways & I'm so glad that our relationship as a Husband & Wife is so relax that we are like best friends & are so open to each other

I know A.H reads my blog, so here goes my Love Letter to him (walaupun dah publish kat IG dah pung. Lols! Ni edited & long version punya)

Dear A.H, my beloved Husband

Tqvm Love for everything you've done & sacrificed for the past 2 amazing & wonderful years. It feels like just yesterday when I had your first hallo on my Fb Messenger on 11/01/2014. Our marriage has been filled with some ups & downs but Alhamdulillah, we've made it through. I've to admit that you're definitely cooler than me in tackling many things & problems that we had faced together & I'm thankful for that. Can't imagine us being gelabah over the same thing because that would be uncool man! 

However, my lawyer-ing skill does come handy in some situations *ahem*

I always told you (although not directly) of how proud I am for having you as my Husband. You're not only my spouse but also my Imam, best friend, joker, personal doctor, financial advisor, biggest critic, counselor but also kawan jalan-jalan & makan. Despite your busy work schedule & being zonked out, you're always there to cheer me up & make me feel loved & appreciated. Not a day passed by without me laugh at your jokes & antics. You can hear even my quietest cry & always know how to calm me down & make me feel so much better. I know I can be hard at times especially with these pregnancy hormones around but you never made me feel ignored or raised your voice at me

I shall thank Mak for raising up such a good son. She's done a good job! Hehe! Eh Ayah pun ada share jugak. I know you're forever Mak's favourite son & I know you've missed her so much since you moved to K.Bharu a year & a half ago. Sebab tu malam-malam tido guna selimut yang Mak jahit when you were in kindergarten tu kan? Sorry Baby! Don't worry, I won't sorok your purple selimut busuk walaupun rasa gerammmm je nak sorok. Lols!

As I'm entering my 3rd trimester tomorrow, we're almost there to become Parents. InsyaAllah. I''ve seen how you treat my nephew & niece; the love is genuine & the kids love you too so much. No doubt that you'll be a good parent to our child(ren), probably cooler than me. Please don't love me less when our child is born because Little I & I; each of us are special in our own ways T_T


I pray may Allah swt grant you your desired dreams & success in this world & jannah in the Hereafter for all your kindness & efforts in making me a happy Wife. May He ease our parenting affairs (OMG lagi 12 weeks nak deliver OMG!), give you the best of health & may our love last till jannah. Amin ya rabbal alamin. 

Speaking of jannah, I want to be your wife in jannah too please? Nobody can share my A.H with me! Only me! T_T

Looking forward for more wedding anniversaries & other happy things to celebrate with you, Baby! InsyaAllah

Oh btw, what did we do on our 2nd anniversary? Nothing much, just took flights KB - KL - KB within 33 hours as A.H had a job interview at one of the IPTAs as the medical officer. He did great on the 1st stage of the interview, was shortlisted for the 2nd one but unfortunately had to decline due to his JPA bond. Kesian A.H. Tak ape lah. InsyaAllah ada rezeki lain 

We Are Expecting A Baby Girl ♥

Assalamualaikum & hallo everyone!

A.H & I have an announcement to make! *clears throat*

Yes, our Little I's a baby girl not a baby boy as we had thought before. Kesian dia kecik-kecik dah confused

So, what had happened to the previous 2D scans that we had which made us utterly confidence that we're expecting a baby boy? We also don't know. Lols!

Her gender was confirmed when we had a 4D scan on 04/03/2017 when I was 27w1d pregnant. Little I was sleeping at that time, slightly covering her face, but not her genital. Right when the Dr told us about Little I's gender while moving around that scan thingy on my belly, I had a little OMG! moment thinking about some blue & baby boy's stuff that we had bought earlier. Blue milk bottles, blue rattle, blue rompers/baby suits etc, OMG!

A.H's reaction? He was sitting next to me at that time & unlike me, his coolness was intact & he clearly had no OMG! moment #coolparent #unlikethemother

 Some of Little I's stuff. So, more reasons to shop more? For pink baby stuff I mean

About an hour & a half before we had an appointment at the clinic at 8 PM, A.H & I went to Aeon Mall KB. We went to H&M when he saw this Cookie Monster set; a baby romper, a pant & a beanie hanging on the highest rack which won't be noticed by orang yang berketinggian rendah macam sis. The moment when A.H showed me this cute set, my jaw literally dropped on the floor, my heart was beating faster & I was so excited! In my mind I already went "Auwww! My baby boy must be sooooo cute donning these! Auww! "

H&M Aeon Mall KB

Only to be confirmed later that it's a baby girl. Lols!

It's okay. Baby girl pun boleh pakai what? And Alhamdulillah, Little I's growth is according to the chart; she's healthy, alive & kicking! Her last week's weight at 27w1d was 941g 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Baby Clothes & Such

The beginning of more Cookie Monster/Sesame Street stuff in the future!

A.H & I went to the Kid & Baby Fair held in KTC, Kota Bharu last Friday, 17/02/2017. Being the inexperienced parents we are, of course we are not an expert in that baby department & it felt like a dream being in a hall surrounded by married, expecting couples with crying, running & screaming kid(s) in tow!

Woww! Finally, we're among the crowd now. Hehe!  Sebelum ni kalau jalan-jalan masuk baby or kid department, survey or beli barang for our nephew & niece je

The Mother has started pestering me to start buying the baby stuff since I was 4 month pregnant & I thought "Meh! Awal lagi kot? Chill Ma chill!" It was just a few weeks ago that we've started asking around seriously for opinions & views on what to buy, what's good, what's better, what's (more) important & other questions regarding the baby checklist. What we had read & heard were true. Memang banyak duit spent, tak padan barang kecik haluih size xxs kan? But InsyaAllah, every child has his/her own rizq

03/02/2017. Sogo
Buying the first batch of Little I's clothes (dengan disertai baju untuk Abam Umar & YamYam sekali)

Whilst I'm trying to give our future child an image of a cool & fun kid, A.H may have opinions different than mine at times. Like when I like cat print, he prefers zebra. Maka haruslah berkompromi oleh kerana masing-masing have a fair share of contribution during the child making process. Lolololol!

Anyway, we missed some items from the list & had seen that coming anyway. Hehe! Maka the next day, 18/02/2017 we visited the Fair again & made the booth owners a few RM richer

We still have a few items unticked from the list though which we hope to complete during our balik kampung trip to KL in the early March. I'll be 7 month plus pregnant at that time & don't think that I'll be able to make another balik kampung trip during my 3rd trimester or when it's getting nearer to my EDD on 02/06 (InsyaAllah)

Honestly, 7 hour journey from KB - KL - KB is no joke especially when you're carrying extra weight on your belly. The cramp & lenguh-lenguh can be very torturing campur dengan sakit badan all over the body. Huhu! But cannotla selfish juga kan? Little I is going to be the first grandchild in A.H's family & A.H of course wants to share his excitement with his Family, especially his Mother. Dah la lately tak selalu balik (unlike before, every 2 or 3 weeks balik), so kita bagi semua orang happy!

And hopefully, during the next balik kampung trip, sempatlah mek makan kat Wong Solo. I've been craving for it since my early days of pregnancy. Even before pregnant pun memang craving sokmo Ayam Penyet Wong Solo. Haih! I miss you, you know spicy sambal, jus melon & emping?

Btw, can you guess the gender of our Little I from these sets? :)

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