Jan 29, 2015

Umar Harith At 15 Months

Ahmad Umar Harith bin Muhamad Anuar

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Dah lama tak cerita pasal nephew kita sorang ni. Maafin Umar. Awak membesar (dan juga memberat) dengan begitu pantas, I can hardly catch up with your health development but it doesn't mean that I forgot! Instagram Mama Sue penuh je dengan gambar & video Umar, tahu? #anobsessedaunty #thebestauntyoftheyear

Umar is 15 months old now & going to turn 16 months on 01/02. He started to walk about a week before his 1st birthday on 01/10/2014 & hasn't stopped walking ever since except when he takes his nap. Sudah boleh berlari dengan laju. Actually masa baru start boleh jalan dia dah start nak lari. Lupa diri betul jalan pun still terhuyung-hayang. Lols!

He's a very happy talkative boy (in his cute baby language. Yang paling clear dia sebut ialah 'Tok Bah' or 'Abah'. Bodek much!) & has a garau & high-pitched voice (just like his Ummi!) He loves being outdoor, meeting people, especially kids older than his age & loves animal, especially our cat Abam Boboy. He loves watching any religious tv programme on TV Al-Hijrah or Astro Oasis especially zikir & azan and knows how to demand to watch it. Tak bagi mesti gelisah & merengek-rengek gitu. Good boy! Adakah bakal mengikuti jejak langkah melanjutkan pelajaran ke KISAS seperti Abinya?

He drinks Wyeth S26 like a champion (Langkah 3 now). Nasi atau biskut makan juga but tak la banyak pun. His current weight is 15kg & yes, dengan berat melebihi sekampit beras itu, memang mengah kalau nak dukung lama-lama. Who needs to go to the gym when you have this cute dumb bell? And inilah juga rahsia mengapa berat mek semakin susut. No kidding -.-' Tok Abah & Tok Ma juga turut menerima tempiasnya akibat berat badan badan Umar yang kus semangat itu

He knows how to salam & sayang (kiss) people when he's asked to. Not a big fan of toys, dapat botol shampoo & botol air pun boleh. Loves water (pantang tengok air actually. Tok Abah la yang paling rajin layan Umar mandi & main air) & books. He likes to read books & being read to

Macam banyak je lagi pasal this boy. Kemain Mama Sue ni, Ummi dia pun tak hover update macam ni. Hehe!

To Umar, may you continue growing up well! Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh & awesome! Amin ya rabbal alamin. Mama Sue love you & I know you love Mama Sue too sebab Umar selalu nangis nak ikut Mama Sue pergi work & you always smile so wide whenever Mama Sue sing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. Hihi! #proudaunty #bolehpergijauh

Jan 28, 2015

Getting Married: The Hantaran Trays

24/01/2015, WS Handicaft Kota Bharu

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Went for flower hunting for hantaran deco on Saturday afternoon with the Mother & Sister. It wasn't as easy as I thought, I was mabuk bunga. Pheww!

2 trays are done so far & 7 days more to go. Credits to the two Ladies of the house for their work & creativity + some Instagram accounts which have been our main sources of inspiration. My Sister told me that I'm perfectionist but when it comes to thing like this ...... *hands down* Bab gubah bunga macam ni, mek hanyalah mampu jadi quality controller but still, I've my own taste & preference 

I was browsing through the photos of the finished hantaran trays in my handphone before going to the bed last night & decided that, I'm not satisfied with the flower arrangement. I think we need to change a few things. Huhu! 

It must be the late night's dilemma created by my worn-out brain but it could also be an honest opinion. Or both. But a bride-to-be must have what she wants to have. So, hopefully my Sister won't be upset & scold me :B

Jan 27, 2015

How Bridezilla Got Her Name

25/01/2015, Secret Recipe Kubang Kerian

Assalamualaikum & hello!

Had a dinner date with one of my good friends, Baei on Monday evening after work. Oh my goodness, how happy I was when Baei asked me out because only Allah knows how much I need such date lately. Actually even bukan fancy date pun, as long as there's food served on the table, I'm a happy kid! So, tqvm Baei for the birthday treat!  

I've to admit that with all this ongoing wedding preparation, I've been stressed out

Every bride-to-be wants the best on their wedding & I'm not an exclusion. But of course when many parties are involved in planning 2 major events, you can't avoid a few misunderstanding & problems coming on your way. It's true that tolerance is the key while on the same time, you're trying so hard to make sure that your sanity is still intact with your soul. It's a dilemma between satisfying self-want/dream vs pleasing other people

Now I know how the title 'Bridezilla' got her name :P

24 days left before the Wedding. Ya Allah, please make everything easy for all of us. It freaks me out everyday of how fast time flies yet we still have a few things on the list untick. InsyaAllah, everything will go smooth as planned. So far, masih lena tidur pada waktu malam. Maybe sebab energy banyak keluar & otak penat berfikir pada siang hari

Can't wait for everything to be over. Nak qadha tidur please?

Jan 26, 2015

1 Year

Assalamualaikum & hi!

A year ago on this date, 26/01/2014, A.H & I met for the very first time. So, please allow me to have a trip down memory lane :P

The first time we met, it wasn't a date, it was more to an impromptu meeting. I was in KL for a few days with the Boss attending a court matter at KL Industrial Court & A.H was on leave. So prior to that he decided that we shall meet. Kunun-kunun nak celebrate birthday together as both of us are January babies

Before we met, A.H thought that I was serious & tegas (can a lawyer not be labelled as tegas? Pftt!) but he told me that I had proved that he was wrong (in a good way hopefully!) We had our so-called birthday dinner at Seoul Garden, Paradigm Mall (where he did most of the cook. Lols!) & later, I introduced A.H to my Boss & her sister

One thing led to another. Ahem!

From strangers & his first 'hello' on 06/01/2014, the first time we met on 26/01/2014, his first time meeting the Family on 01/03/2014, Merisik on 23/03/2014 to the day we got engaged on 10/05/2014, 2014 was indeed very eventful to both of us. And now we are very looking forward for 21/02/2015. InsyaAllah!

16/01/2015, Sultan Ismail Airport
No doubt that he's the best thing ever happened to me in 2014

Getting Married: The Food Caterer

22/01/2015, Umar acting as the chairman deciding on the menu

Assalamualaikum & hi! 

We had a discussion/meeting with the Caterer, Citarasa Linda Katering on Thursday evening, 22/01. The discussion went well & we were happy with the service offered by them. Alhamdulillah

Abah had attended a wedding recently where the food served was catered by them & according to him, the food was good, beliau makan 2 pinggan siap. Hehe! So, InsyaAllah makanan served masa kenduri nanti sedap

For the record, kami amik pakej untuk 600 guests (dapat complimentary set untuk set nasi pengantin if 500 guests & above) & added a few add-ons beside the main dishes as well. Selain food caterer, the Mother insists to cook a few extra lauks & side dishes in case tak cukup. Tak pe lah, anything that make her happy :)

25 days before the Wedding day. Izinkan saya untuk berasa gelabah sebentar *kelents* May everything go well. Amin ya rabbal alamin

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