Aug 19, 2015

Of Getting The New Job

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I went for an interview yesterday morning at a legal firm which is about 5+ minute drive from home & Alhamdulillah, after about a month of being unemployed, I'm now back to the black & white profession

As much as I hate interview(s), I definitely can't avoid it. Masih terasa debaran masa attend interview PTD last year which I didn't do well obviously. Lols!

I e-mailed the Firm on Thursday, submitted my resume online & received the phone call from the Boss himself on Monday morning to set the date & time for the interview. Since I'm car-less now as A.H drives mine to work this week, had to ask for my Father's help to drive me there (and the Parents were so kind to wait for me downstairs walhal kita dah cakap pergi la breakfast dulu. Huhu! Teringat pulak zaman attending interview mase nak start pupilage dulu. And I think, their duaa were the main reason why I got the job. Alhamdulillah)

The interview took me more than an hour & I was tested on the basic knowledge on insurance claim cases, which I have to admit that I had only handled 3 files at the previous firm. I was/am a civil litigator so, there are many medical terms that I'm not familiar with but I got to answer 90% correct I think? The rest was more on my experience & borak la sikit-sikit. Totally different from attending job interviews with yang gomen punya, seperti yang dinyatakan di atas itteww

The firm is bigger than the previous firm I worked at with more supporting stuff & lawyers. One of the staff is my Sains Pasir Puteh junior who works there sementara nak kahwin katanya. Lols! The girl has just finished her Master's Degree from UKM. Don't play-play. Another lawyer is my UiTM junior, E. So, I already have 2 friends there :)

So, my days as penganggur are numbered now. Although I enjoy being a (temporary) housewife (I even think that using the washing machine & see the clean & wangi laundry as therapeutic), I definitely can't goyang kaki forever. What's more in today's unstable economy & cerita tak best situ sini. I think I've had enough of days off at home. Plus, I've bills to pay & the Mother's health condition isn't that good lately. Can't forever rely on the Husband alone ayte? 

Quite nervous to begin my first day at the new Firm this Sunday. Probably because I was so used to my previous Firm which I had worked for 3 previous years. Oh, the Boss is a Mr btw, unlike my previous one. So, I don't know how working with a male boss would be like. Hopefully, everything will go well & I won't quit halfway. InsyaAllah

Thank you reading my bebelan. I have to resume doing the house chores. Pheww! Have a nice day everyone!

Aug 16, 2015

Selamat (belated) Hari Raya! Maaf Zahir Batin!

Assalamualaikum & hallo! *wipes dust*

It took me about a month to come out with this new blogpost. Been missing my blog but I've had many things in hands that restrained me from having some time to update this space. As I'm typing this, I'm actually lying on the floor while recharging my hp, meanwhile A.H is sleeping soundly on the bed. It's 1.14 a.m, I should really be on bed. 

I missed to update our Raya 2015. Sedar-sedar dah habis Raya already! Aiyo! Nonetheless, Selamat (belated) Hari Raya everyone! Maaf zahir batin for all my mistake, wrongdoings etc that I ever did. Hopefully, Raya was a good one for everyone who is reading this despite the economic crisis we're facing now. As for me, celebrating Raya for the first time as a wife was good; had the opportunity to celebrate it at Kota Bharu (my hometown), KL (A.H's) & Melaka (A.H's Father's hometown). Will blog about it later. Kot? Lols!

Ingat nak upload gambar tapi I haven't figured out how to upload gambar from Iphone. Maafin di atas kejakunan diriku.

A.H will be starting his first day of work at a new workplace tomorrow. It's about an hour & 15 minute drive from home, thus he needs to get up early. As for me who's currently on a career break, ini bermakna that I also have to get up as early as 5 a.m, put my 'Good Wife' cap on & prepare his breakfast. So, what the hello am I still up at this hour? -.-

Have a nice day everyone! I think I'll back to blogging again soon. Kot?

Jul 15, 2015

About Raya

Assalamualaikum & hi!

2 days more to Raya & I wish I had more time to blog about my Ramadhan experience this year! I have so much to share, macam tak tahu where I should begin

Baju Raya
Choosing Raya theme colour isn't as easy as I had thought because I like all colours! Sigh! #dilemaseorangwanita And just because we ladies usually would have more than sepasang baju Raya & we couldn't decide which baju to wear first. Hehe!

After some changes in plan, we finally decided to play safe yakni buying A.H's baju maelayu in universal colour i.e grey so that it would suit any colour of my baju kurung later. Hehe! The initial plan was to let him wear his supposed to be akad nikah's white baju melayu tapi macam beriya sangat kan? Lols!

So, A.H's baju Raya was sorted; a pair of grey baju melayu paired with sampin that I gave him as hantaran during our Engagement last year. Alhamdulillah. Semoga tampil comel bergaya pada Hari Raya hari Jumaat nanti

As for me, I finally had my dream baju Raya! Credits to A.H for bracing the crowd at PWTC during KL Raya Fest last weekend (with her Sister & MIL) despite the crazy crowd & got me a pair of baju kurung that I've been eyeing for from Minimalace. It looks so nice on the model but don't know la whether I'll also look nice sebegitu jua. Lols!

Still have no official tudung to go with this btw

Raya Di Kelate
It's going to be A.H & I's first Raya as a Husband & Wife. InsyaAllah. Like I always said, with marriage comes responsibilities which means involving in Raya preparation more seriously

Macam tak kena nak describe but you get what I'm trying to say, ayte?

InsyaAllah, we'll be celebrating the first until third day of Raya with my family in K.Bharu before driving up to KL to continue celebrating it with A.H's family. Now I understand how it feels when it's your turn to celebrate Raya at your hometown! But come this Raya Haji, we'll be celebrating it at A.H's Father's hometown yakni in Melaka

Anyway, A.H's family is in the midst of moving to their new house soon, so I can foresee that we'll be looking all glamorous in sweat, dust & all. Lols!

Had some difficult time to decide the colour of our bedroom wall. Naik rambang tengok colour chart. Thought of sticking to white but grey isn't bad, ayte?

Our room is still incomplete as we haven't bought the furniture & curtain. Can't wait to get it done & share it here, InsyaAllah

A.H Completed His Housemanship
A.H finally completed his housemansip early this months. Alhamdulillah

I believe that not many of us really understand how hard life is for any houseman as the working hours & workload are very crazy. It's also so sad to read some nasty comments from public who obviously doesn't have a clue of how doctors work & also the system at the hospitals. Tahu nak complain tapi pengetahuan tentang sesuatu perkara tak ada. Lastly, diri sendiri nampak tak pandai. Sorry for my words but please get the facts right or at least google dulu (from reliable sources) before dok huha here & there

Anyway, A.H will be reporting for duty as a Medical Officer (MO) on 03/08 & although he didn't get to be in at HRPZ II or Klinik Kesihatan as he wished, working at the district hospital pun okay, InsyaAllah. We believe there will be hikmah kan for everything that has been destined. Dah dapat kerja kat Kelantan pun we're very grateful dah. Can't imagine if he were to work at another state across the sea. Huhu!

07/07/2015 - Happy boy! ♥ Accompanying him to submit his last Housemanship Log Book & his cuti form (3 weeks off! WoohoO!). Bye-bye HKL & hallo HKK!

The End of Our LDR
With A.H completing his housemanship, it also marks the end our 5 months of LDR, Alhamdulillah

He flew to K.Bharu on 13/07, Monday to celebrate Raya with us. Nasib baik ada lagi tiket murah, tu pun the last seat avaiable for RM180 ++ at 6.35 a.m. Honestly, it feels kind of weird of seeing him everyday because I was so used to seeing him like only 4 days longest. No more flights KB-KL or KL-KB or bidding good bye at the departure hall while trying to hold my tears (Lols!) or looking forward for his duty roster to be out so that we can arrange our flights & hotel

So happy to get my eating buddy back. Hehe! Mohon supaya tidak gems selepas ini

Quitting Job
As mentioned previously here, I'm quitting my job at the firm that I've been working for the past 3 years. The feeling is awesome! WoohOo! Tambahan pula A.H pun in holiday, so I'm taking the advantage of having him to send & fetch me from work. Hehe!

Semoga tidak berjob-less untuk tempoh yang lama. Amin...

Ok, dah penat mengarang. Selamat menghabiskan baki 2 hari puasa! May Allah swt accept our deeds & ibadah! Amin

Jul 2, 2015

Of 8 Remaining Working Days, Berangan & Studying Archaeology & History

Assalamualaikum & hi! 

I've about 8 working days before I leave this firm for good soon, InsyaAllah 

 The feeling? MasyaAllah! I freaking can't wait! WoohoO!

So today's mission is to bring some of my Law statutes & books home. These are only quarter of what I have, I think. The rest are home; stacked & dusted. Anyway, kudos to the publishers who put the effort to make these photo-less statutes & books' covers colourful. At least they look appealing & entertaining to our tired eyes 

Looking at them reminds me to some memories I had at UiTM Faculty of Law from Pre Degree Law, BLS (Hons) to LL.B (Hons), ada manis, ada bitter & ada the combination of both but all of them have made me what I'm today. Alhamdulillah

I owe a lot to my lecturers & friends for making my 5 years of roller coaster journey to becoming an advocate & solicitor a joyful one. Reading law isn't as easy as it seems, I may add but they made mine bearable. You may read my posts tatkala zaman muda at UiTM here

I haven't secured any future job yet, honestly. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I had e-mailed my resume to this one firm about 2 weeks ago but until to date, I haven't received any update yet. Thinking about future worries me a bit that I even made a plan to do a part-time job as a cashier at KB Mall, in case I'll still be jobless after some time. Tak pun kita jadi janitor kat hospital A.H will be working at soon. Senang sikit can have lunch date almost everyday! #wishfulthinking #lawdegreegantungkatdindingrumahsajor

I'm thinking about furthering my studies too but this time, instead of studying so hard & chasing for good grade & graduate on time, I really want to do something that I've yearned for many years i.e studying history or archaeology! Egyptian archaeology has my utmost interest!

At one of the Egyptian archaeology sites. Dahaga pulak kita tengok gambar panas macam ni

There are only 3 local universities that offer Archaeology courses in Malaysia;

Meanwhile, most of local universities (including the private ones) offer the History course but the most appealing one is UMK! Dekat je dengan rumah kita plus the Brother-in-law kita pun kerja UMK. Hehe! Attending classes won't be a problem I guess

 Me, in a few years plus tudung & comotness. Lols! Nak gambar yang cantik aje

Bestnya berangan but nanti siapa nak tolong bayarkan tution fee kita? Adakah terpaksa resort to part-time job di KB Mall or janitor juga kelak? -.-'

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