Sunday, 28 May 2017

Maternity Leave Day 1

25/05/2017, Thursday. 38w7d
Final day at the Firm before my maternity leave

Assalamualakum & hallo! Ramadhan Mubarak everyone!

I decided to start my maternity leave a week early before my EDD (02/06/2017) & last Thursday was my final working day at the Firm. So, it officially means today is Day 1 of my maternity leave & I'm still not used to waking up late on weekdays whilst watching A.H gets dressed to leave for work. We usually left for work together, waving to each other in our cars side by side, but today it was only him who went to work while yours truly was still in her comfortable pajama.

But do I regret? The answer is a big NO! Lols!

To being able to go back to sleep & wake up a few hours later is such a privilege every pregnant working expecting woman really deserves. Getting enough rest & sleep is crucial for us, especially for a heavily 39w3d pregnant woman like me. And do you think we really could sleep like a log throughout the night? Getting a good night's sleep without being awaken at night due to back pain or feel uncomfortable is impossible. Huhu!

Tapi dok rumah pun bukan tido semata-mata. There's always something to do; kemas bilik la, kemas Confinement Room la, cuci bilik air la, tukar cadar la etc

I know every pregnancy is different & nobody should have compared one's experience with other's, especially to those who never experienced it herself/himself. Just because you or somebody you know has/had a smooth sailing pregnancy journey, it shouldn't be a general rule to other expecting moms out there. It would be totally unfair. Ada some people have to be warded for days/weeks due to their pregnancy complication, whilst there are some yang sihat walfiat macam tak pregnant pun siap boleh travel cuti-cuti abroad.


I think I'm a type of person who likes to challenge myself to be & look strong in front of others, no matter how this pregnancy affects me in some ways. I don't have any morning sickness, Alhamdulillah but I've my own fair share in that 'I don't want to eat / I don't know what to eat / I don't have any appetite to eat' department, especially during my first trimester. I don't like making people see me as a weak pregnant woman or making people feel kesian at me, although there were times I really wished that I could stay in bed or go home early. I didn't take any leave due to my pregnancy except sehari ambil half day. Tu pun rase, did I deserve it? 

 25/05/2017. 38w7d
With Wawa, one of the staff at the Firm who made my tough days bearable. Dia la yang teman makan, jalan-jalan, shopping & banyak share ilmu pasal motherhood. I hope she won't miss me too much nanti :P

I still went to the court even at my 8m pregnancy, tapi lepas tu malas dah sebab finding black & white formal outfits was such a challenge. Ketat sana ketat sini. Malu sis, you know? But I know a lawyer friend who conducted a hearing in the afternoon (amidst her contraction) before she left to the labour room & deliver her daughter a few hours later. She deserves my respect, like seriously girlfriend? You were really a supermom in a black robe & white bib!

But a thing for sure, getting this priceless opportunity to experience this roller coaster pregnancy ride towards the real motherhood chapter really makes me realize how amazing women can be. MasyaAllah. Macam mana lah mak-mak yang anak rapat-rapat & ramai? How do they manage the kids? Do they even get enough rest & sleep? The morning sickness, pain, being uncomfortable in anything we do, not getting good night's sleep etc; I don't think men could endure them all.

I asked A.H last night before our bedtime:-

S: Kenapa B tak pernah tanya kita sakit-sakit ni macam mana? (i.e the pelvic bone pain, Braxton Hicks etc)
A.H: Sebab kita paham
S: How do you know?
A.H: Kita dengar nurse borak-borak dengan patients
S: *rolls eyes*

Sebab tu syurga terletak pada keredhaan ibu kan? Now go & be nice to your parents, your mother especially! Bulan puasa ni, bagi duit belanja lebih sikit, insyaAllah besau pahala

Ramadhan Mubarak

Ahlan wasahlan ya Ramadhan!

It sounds cliche but Ramadhan has always been one of my favourite months of the year. Rasa tenang je & everybody seems to be in a good spirit! Alhamdulillah for another opportunity given by Allah swt to observe this Holy month once again. I pray may it be better than the previous years. Amin & insyaAllah!

I also would like to take this chance to seek a sincere forgiveness from anyone for any wrongdoing me & my Husband. A.H ever committed, be it zahir or batin. Ampun maaf dipinta dari kami berdua. Minta maaf awal-awal takut masa sakit nak deliver nanti, tak sempat dah nak buat long essay. Hehe!

And oh, we would be very grateful if you also could pray for my safe & smooth delivery. No serious sign of labour yet so far & today I'm already 39w3d pregnant. Takut & nervous tapi tak sabar nak deliver cepat-cepat so that bila Raya ni bertenaga sikit la nak beraya. Hehe!

Once again, ampun maaf dari saya & Suami and Ramadhan Mubarak everyone!

Monday, 8 May 2017

The Confinement Room (Part 2)

Assalamualaikum & hallo! 

Read about The Confinement Room (Part 1) here 

After weeks of planning & surveying (via Instagram. Lols!), A.H & I finally managed to start on our 'Confinement Room' project when I entered my 31w of pregnancy which on 31/03/2017 (Friday). We started by installing the wallpapers which we bought from Kaison a few weeks earlier.

I always love floral wallpaper but haven't had the guts to have it installed in our bedroom. Takut menyesal & cannot tido menghadap wallpaper tersebut. But for the Confinement Room, I decided to give it a try & chose the less dramatic one. At least, if it doesn't turn out okay, it isn't my room ab initio. Lols!


We decided to only cover 3/4 of the Confinement Room's wall (we needed 3 rolls of wallpaper) & another 1/4, we want to leave it bare in its original state but the yellow wall doesn't go really well with the wallpaper. Sakit mata sikit tengok but Alhamdulillah, Abah had painted it white. Lega hati sis. Rasa sejuk je tengok dinding putih tersebut. Hehe!

The room is currently 80% completed. Alhamdulillah, we managed to cross most of the things out from our 'To Do List' except for installing a wall fan. Rasa macam tak perlu sebab stand fan pun dah okay. Not that I'm going to stay in that Confinement Room for 100 days. Lols!

So, this is how the Confinement Room looks now. Photos were taken in front of the white bare wall where we put the sofa for the guests

31/03/2017. 31w

02/05/2017. 35w5d

Floral Wallpaper from Kaison // Raskog Trolley from IKEA // Ung Drill Mirror from IKEA

I shared some of the photos of the Confinement Room on my Instagram & received some compliments from my dear friends. Auwww! I'm really glad that it turns out okay! I really think that A.H earns most of the credits & I shall thank him for his hard work & patient. Seriously, installing wallpaper wasn't that easy although it's self-adhesive type. So, thank you so much B!

I will share the complete look of the Confinement Room soon. InsyaAllah! Hopefully sempat la before my delivery date! *gulps!*

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Abah's 70th Birthday ♥

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

My Abah celebrated his 70th birthday on 03/04/2017, Alhamdulillah Had to wait for weekend (08/04/2017) before we could have his birthday dinner celebration at El-Edrus Restaurant, Kubang Kerian

It wasn't our first choice of restaurant as we wanted to bring Abah to X Restaurant which belongs to our old family friends tapi service pulok lambat & we couldn't afford to wait for an hour to have our dinner served. Lapau + having 2 active kids around = havoc. Lols! But El-Edrus pun not bad actually, sedap & we also just found out that the cook is our neighbour who just returned home after years of working in KL

 08/04/2017, El Edrus Restaurant

Coming from a petite family where it used to be only my Parents, my Sister & I; I always love when it comes to family gathering, albeit a very santai one. Love how the Family Haji Muhammad & Hajjah Rahimah is getting bigger & more expanding year by year from 4 to 8 & insyaAllah soon, there will be 9 of us

As usual, here ismy personal speech to the Birthday Boy although Abah is too cool for IG & blog. Hehe!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear Abah,

Happy (belated) 70th birthday to you!

Alhamdulillah, all praises due to Allah swt for blessing you with a good health; masih mampu berkebun almost everyday & buat kerja-kerja rumah yg lain. Including babysitting 2 very active cucus; Abam Umar, YamYam & another one due to join the crowd in early June. InsyaAllah πŸ‘¦πŸ»πŸ‘§πŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

You're a simple man with simple needs who worked very hard in raising us up to what we are today. You sacrificed a lot yet you didn't complain but those old pair of hands can tell many untold stories. You aren't a man with many words but your silent presence comforts us & makes us feel safe. You may not show your love & affection like other modern fathers do but your love is portrayed through your actions. I pray to Allah swt may He grant you with a long life with a pink of health to be spent with us as we couldn't imagine how void our lives would be without having you around

My apology for probably not being the epitome of anak bongsu yg solehah lagi haibattt to you & Ma but everyday I pray to Allah swt to ease my affairs in making both of you happy & content with me. Amin ya rabbal alamin

Once again, happy (belated) 70th birthday Abah! We love you so much! We hope that you like the present. Hihi!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

8 Month Check Up

09/04/2017, 32w3d

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

Had a monthly check up at Klinik Kesihatan Kubang Kerian on 09/04/2017 when I was 32w3d pregnant. I went there alone unaccompanied as A.H had an important visit from JKNK at his clinic on that day. Sedih sikit la A.H tak dapat teman as it was an ultrasound appointment but that was one of the sacrifice I've to pay for being a doctor's wife. Huhu! InsyaAllah, semoga ada reward daripada Allah someday. Amin

 Oh that tired face, so kesian

The appointment was scheduled at 8 am but I was 15 minutes late. Tapi actually even datang awal sharp at 8 am pun, it didn't make much difference sebab memang adat di government clinic, waiting queue tu lama sikit. I didn't get to breakfast that morning, so I brought some snacks, air kotak Dutch Lady & sweets just to distract my growling tummy. Lapar sikit

I finally had my no. called at around 11.50 am. I was informed by the doctor, Dr Suhaibah that they already called my no. earlier but I didn't come in. Aikk! What did I do sampai tak terperasan sebab memang alert la. But nevermind, not that I was rushing to go anywhere pun. Kagum pulak dengan level of patient I've in myself. Lols!

Had an ultrasound & alhamdulillah, everything is well. Our Little I's current estimated weight (on 09/04/2017) is 1.796kg, almost 1 kg heavier from the previous check up we had on 07/03/2017 when she was 941g. Dr Suhaibah said "Bulat gotey". Lols!

Oh, our Little I's gender has been confirmed once again & yes, we're expecting a baby girl. Alhamdulillah. So, bolehlah shopping baju gegurl dengan lebih yakin tanpa ragu-ragu πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸŽ€

For the record, I've been gaining about 8kg so far & this is the heaviest I've been so far in my entire life but anything for you, my child! Hb reading kadang-kadang ok, kadang tak ok. Hihi!

  • 07/11/2016 (10w3d) - 46.2kg - Hb 11.8
  • 06/12/2016 (14w5d) - 47.6kg - Hb 11.0
  • 08/01/2017 (19w3d) - 48.0kg - Hb 10.3
  • 22/01/2017 (21w3d) - 49.0kg - Hb 10.1
  • 06/02/2017 (23w4d) - 50.0kg - Hb 9.6
  • 14/02/2017 (24w5d) - Hb 11.0
  • 05/03/2017 (27w5d) - 51.0kg
  • 02/04/2017 (31w2d) - 54.0kg - Hb 10.7

Lagi satu, during the previous check up at Klinik Desa on 02/04/2017, I was lectured by the nurse for gaining 3kg in a month. Uh oh! Musim kenduri kot, so terlebih makan? :P

The next check up will be on this Monday, 17/07/2017. I pray may I don't gain much weight this time. Amin!

I had my late brunch later at the famous Nasi Kukus Abe Mie & also my all time favourite Mango Juice before masuk office. Makan nak sedap aje kan? Macam mana la tak gain weight sampai 3kg *rolls eyes*


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