Saturday, 23 July 2016

I'm A Stalker #edisipengakuantulusikhlas

Asalamualaikum & hallo! 

If I were to describe my fashion sense, the answers would be 'Simple' & 'Asal nampak semengah'. Lols! Definitely not someone who is opinionated on fashion & such

I love seeing pretty girls on Instagram (asal jangan berlebih sudahhh). 'Seeing' doesn't sound right, I think the word 'stalking' is better :P I mean, who doesn't like to look at pretty things, especially pretty faces! I'm easy to be wow-ed at girls who are not only pretty, but also well educated. Hence, the reason why I'm following some random girls who I found randomly on Instagram. It's kind of interesting to follow other people's lives on Instagram, especially those who seem to lead a different life than you. Like, different profession?

Anyway, stalking pretty sophisticated girls may have its bad effect on me sometimes. I mean, looking at them being so posh & pretty but me? Still a pretty much make-up virgin. I could be taken away by my own low self-confidence that I often said to A.H of how pity he is to be married to a woman who doesn't know how to doll up herself with make up & such

Of course he always had some nice words to console me because pardon moi, women love compliments & quite good at pishing for them just to make them feel better from times to times. I'm a woman so yes, I fall under the general rule with no exception :P #dilemaseorangwanita

Btw, here is a collage photos of before + after make up of yours truly, as an evidence that my make-up skill is nothing to wow at. Jika anak-anak Mama kelak terjumpa blog Mama & are reading this entry, percayalah nak that your Mama was once young, had less wrinkle(s) & yes, used to parade around a pair of lighter eye bags. Lols!


Some moisturizer + a thick layer of BB cream & compact powder + eyeliner + lipstick; and I'm ready to rock the world of rumah terbukaaaa! #teamrayasebulan #teamsukamakan #makanpahceroh

While, this was me on my Wedding day with the help of professional MUA


But come to think about it, instead of improving my make-up skill, baik rajin-rajinkan diri eat healthy & drink plenty of plain water kan? Beauty comes from within orang kata & honestly, I believe more on taking care of my skin rather than concealing it with make up. Make up je la setakat yang sis mampu. Asal nampak semengah kekdahnya.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Raya 2016

Assalamualaikum & hi! Selamat Hari Raya Day 17!

Finally, after 17 days from the last post I've got my blog modjo back! Since we are still pretty much in the spirit of Raya, allow me to share my Raya stories albeit a little bit late #teamrayasebulan

Since A.H & I spent previous Raya  in Kota Bharu last year, it was our turn this year to celebrate in Batang Kali (his Family previously lived in Wangsa Maju before A.H bought a house in Tamu Hill Park, Batang Kali & the whole Family moved there last year) & Melaka (the FIL's kampung). But being a workaholic person A.H is, he didn't take any Raya leave at all -.-'

We left for Batang Kali on Tuesday, 05/07/2016 which was the evening before Raya & on Sunday, 10/07/2016, he was already back to work! Double -.-' Me on the other hand, had a week Raya leave from 04 until 11/07

Oh well, at least I got to spend the first day of Raya with him & all that matters ayte?

 05/07/2016, Tuesday
Since I was already on Raya leave, I had to fetch A.H from his clinic. Left home at 12.15 pm & arrived in Kuala Krai about 1 hour & 10 minutes later. Being a sentimental me, of course I had to take a few photos of the House before I bid a temporary farewell #hatitisu

 This year, Raya berdua. Semoga ada rezeki untuk beraya bertiga next year. Aminkan please? Tqvm!

We left for Batang Kali at 2 p.m & Alhamdulillah, by 6.45 p.m, we already arrived at Tamu Hill Park. Sempat la iftorr dengan In-laws. The traffic heading to KL was smooth but not the other way around sebab it was estimated that 3 JUTA WEHHH KENDERAAN MASUK KELANTAN RAYA HARI TU! Eh sorry! Kita tercaps lock pulok! 

After iftorr, I was actually expecting a masak-masak session, like me, my Mother & my Sister always had at home. Since the demise of arwah Ayah Long & Che Moh a few years ago, Abah is the eldest in Pak Chu Lah clan now, beside Nenek, so rumah memang kena serbu by our relatives. Hence, the reason we always had makan-makan do on the first day of Raya. We cooked & served dishes like nasi dagang or nasi minyak, roti jala, satay, laksa penang & other mouth-watering dishes eh lapau pulak taip pasal food ni ha. So, on malam Raya, we literally slept in the kitchen & only went to sleep at 2 or 3 a.m. Masak macam nak kenduri kekdahnya!

But, things were different when Raya-ing with the In-law. On malam Raya, we baked 2 types of biskut Raya, led by A.H himself. Actually, the MIL dah awal-awal siap masak untuk juadah pagi Raya. One of it was rendang which its spicy level was on par with my standard of pedasness. Kak Sue approved!

I was tasked to put over the sprinkles on the semperit while A.H had the toughest & leceh-est job; pressing the dough onto the trays. I know mine was a useless job because even my almost 3-year-old nephew, Umar could do that but at least I contributed something. Lols!


To be continued ... just because I have to watch Doctors Episode 10. Lols!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Selamat Hari Raya!

Asalamualaikum & Ramadhan Kareem day 30 which is also the final day of Ramadhan this year

Will be leaving for KL soon after I fetch A.H at his workplace. A day before Raya pun still kerja -.-'


Anyway, I'm taking this opportunity to wish 'Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin' to anyone who's reading this (a day before Raya & you still have time to read blog(s)? Tsk! :P) Semoga amal ibadat & sadaqah kita pada Ramadhan yang lalu diterima oleh Allah swt sebagai saham kita di akhirat nanti. And semoga this coming Raya mengeratkan lagi hubungan silaturrahim sesama kita. InsyaAllah!

Have a blessed blast Raya everyone! :)



Deeply saddened & utterly shocked with the explosion in Medina which happened yesterday. Oh dear, what is happening to our world now? :( May Allah swt protect Medina from any evil plan & harm. Amin ya rabbal alamin

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Drops Of Youth

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I've been using The Body Shop skincare products for almost 3 years & I started with Tea Tree set. Although my skin is not that sehalus & selembut punggung kulit bayi, it's at least shown some improvement. Alhamdulillah. 

My skin started to create problems when I was in the Law School. No doubt that those 4 years of BLS + LL.B had been very stressful that it gave me not only a set of panda eyes to be paraded around *bows* but also endless rounds of zits. It got worst when the final exams were drawing nearer as I hardly had time to pamper my skin, pahtu makan koksey-kokdey. Wahhh pamper gituu! Padahal pakai pencuci muka je pungg. Tak sure zaman-zaman dulu I also had toner & moisturiser ke tak? Sunblock apatah lagi

Sigh! I miss Law School. Tapi tak teringin pulak nak sambung LL.M for now 

Anyway, during  my recent visit to The Body Shop, I was advised by its friendly sales assistant to graduate from the Tea Tree set since my skin has no longer had that zits tumbuh bagaikan cendawan selepas hujan. Apparently, using Tea Tree set continuously may dry your skin & since I have passed that zits tumbuh bagaikan cendawan selepas hujan phase (Alhamdulillah & yay!) & now nak hilangkan parut-parut (notices the plural) je, she introduced me to one of The Body Shop's latest skin care ranges named Drops Of Youth


I've been using them for 5 days & albeit it's too early to say anything, here's my honest preview nonetheless:-

"A unique gel-to-water liquid care, the essential first step after cleansing to prepare skin for the next steps of the routine. Skin feels instantly smoother and replenished with moisture. Infused with a potent blend of 3 plant stem cells"
OMG! I really love this gel-to-water liquid care that I even look forward to apply it on my skin. It doesn't only make my skin feels moisturized but it also smoothens it. Kulit terasa lebih gebu tak semena-mena :P

 Drop of Youth Youth Cream (RM145.00)

"A velvety air-whipped moisturizing cream to leave skin feeling smoother, more supple and refined with a youthful-looking bounce. Infused with a potent blend of 3 plant stem cells."
I love its natural smell & its light texture. Although it's a bit oily when it's first applied on my skin but it gets better later on. Honestly, this is wayyy better than Olay Total Effect 7 in 1 Day Cream that I purchased a few months which was too oily & made my skin prone to zits. Tak sempat habis 1 botol pun when I decided to stop using it

I usually have it applied on my skin in the morning & before I go to bed.Tak boleh nak bagi any preview sebab as stated above, baru 5 hari pakai kan? But so far, I'm loving it

"An instant refresher for your peepers! The elderflower and witch hazel extract work in tandem making it an ultra powerful soothing and refreshing gel that still has a delicate touch for the eye area. That refreshing touch also works great especially after you’ve pulled off all-nighters!"
Haven't had the time to try this one yet. I honestly bought this for the sake of wanting to have 20% off from every item bought which needed me to buy 3 products. Beli 3 produk baru boleh diskaun 20% untuk setiap item; wahhh! Sungguh menjadi trick itu ke atas Kak Sue yah? -.-' But I'm looking forward to apply it soon. Tonight perhaps? InsyaAllah

Spent more than RM200 for these 3 items. A bit gelabah at first to justify to A.H whether I really need all these & my purchase is going to worth the money but since I've started to drag him into my beauty regime (free facial treatment at your service Mister!) I think he's become more understanding now. Lols!

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