Nov 25, 2015

DIY Wall Deco For Abam Umar

Assalamualaikum & hello!

As my Sister is currently berpantang at my Parents' house (which is also mine. Lols!), it means that my nephew, Umar is also staying with us! WoohoO! (Don't worry Maryam. Mama Sue love you too but as for now, you just sleep all day long)

If you're following my Instagram, you should have realized that I'm soooooooooooooo obsessed with Umar that I posted photos of him almost everyday. I may be biased because he's my nephew but just look at him! Don't you think he's one cute & adorable little gentleman? (except when he's throwing tantrums. O M G!)

21/11/2015, KB MALL
An outing with A.H & Umar; my 2 favourite boys

I've so much love for this boy that I didn't even have the heart to scold him (I even didn't even think about it honestly) when his diapers (notes the plural) burst & the carpet & comforter pun basahlahhh. Makan & minum banyak sangat Abam Umar ni sampai diapers pun bocor -.-'

Umar's now at the stage where he has his own favourite things & quite obsessed with them. His current favourites are the animal figurines which I bought recently in KL. I wonder what his day would be like if I hide them away. Adakah akan moody the whole day lantas menyebabkan semua orang berasa susah hati & juga panas hati? Lols!

As he's now staying with us 24/7 until my Sister finishes her pantang, we've tried our best to make him feel at home. Actually Umar memang suka tinggal rumah Tok Abah & Tok Ma pun. But did you get what I'm trying to say here? Maknanya we've tried to provide him with anything that will make him more occupied. Maklumlah dengan kehadiran adik baru yang juga will be his new sidekick soon, we utterly don't want him to be left out

I doubt that he did ever feel so. Melimpah ruah kasih sayang mungkin?

Anyway, I always wanted to give the white wall near his 'study table' which is also next to our bedroom door, a makeover. I bought 2 colourful kids' posters last weeks but later on decided that they were too boring for my liking. Searched for diy wall deco on Google 3 days ago before going to the bed & found some things that caught my interest. Showed them to A.H dengan harapan he would do it for me but harapan hanya tinggal impian as he's busy. Lols! Nevermind!

I finally had time to get my hands 'dirty' yesterday evening after returning home from work. Took me about 3 hours & a half to get it done, with some interruptions from Umar in between

Here is the before & after result

This is indeed a cheap & easy diy project which won't cause you much & most importantly, tak mencomotkan lantai. Like mine, I only used black sellotapes (I prefer the ones yang orang guna untuk balut wire elektrik as its adhesive glue tu tak melekat dekat gunting sangat), a pair of scissors, a wild imagination & a lot of love!

Here is a better view of my diy wall deco

I name it as Bandar 'Asal Bolehjaya', in conjunction with my asal boleh idea. Lols! I didn't refer to any photo for reference, I just followed my heart & imagination. Gitteww! Bab toys berselerak di dalam bakul itu, I think moms with active toddlers/kids totally can relate. Hehe!

I uploaded 2 photos above on my Fb & Instagram last night & received a lot of 'Likes' & +ve comments from my friends. Auwww! I'm flattered!

My next project probably will be decorating the white wall in our bedroom. I haven't asked A.H's consent yet sebenarnya. Cane kalau A.H tak suka dengan hasil kerja kita nanti & kemudiannya mogok tido luar?

Oh lupa nak cite Umar's reaction

Can't really tell whether he likes it or not. Should I take his actions of ajak-ing me watching his favourite Youtube videos & tumpang menyibuk once in a while while I was busy beraksi with sellotapes & scissors as a sign of his approval?

Nov 24, 2015

Assalamualaikum & Hello Baby Niece!

Please say Assalamualaikum & hi to my baby Niece, everyone!

Maryam Nur Safiyyah Binti Muhamad Anuar
Born on 09/11/2015 at 12.04 a.m at HUSM, Kubang Kerian
 Weigh 2.75 kg, Length 50 cm

The photo above is our first wefie together ♥  taken at 10.48 a.m in Wad Eksekutif HUSM on the day Maryam was born. As you can see, she's pretty much uterus-lagged, so please forgive her for not being (or at least appearing to be) as excited as her Mama Sue ;)

According to my Sister, it was a short yet very painful labour (So, I kinda refuse to know the details of her birth story. Lols!) I remember that on 08/11/2015, I just arrived home from visiting my Sister at HUSM with my Father at 9.45 p.m, received a phone call from my BIL at 10.07 p.m informing me that my Sister is already in the labour room & later received the news on the arrival of my Baby Niece via Whatssap msg from him at 12.08 a.m on 09/11/2015 

Sorry, I just need to put as many details as possible since my Sister no longer keeps her blog updated & my blog is her reference. Kalau boleh nak record/write every single thing. Lols!

Anyway, Maryam had to be warded for her jaundice from 14 to 16/11 recently at HUSM. She's recovering now, Alhamdulillah. My Sister is currently berpantang at our house (or my Parents' to be specific), so I get to see her everyday, beside her Brother, Umar. Hehe!

Had hold Umar once so far. Tunggu besar sikit then baru berani nak dukung lagi. Now, she's so haluih!

To Maryam, grow up well Little Lady! We are going to have a lot of fun together in the future, InsyaAllah which includes a countless series of wefies. Weeeee! Oh, next time I shall blog about the day you met Umar & your so-called Majlis Bercukur (believe me that there's a reason why I put 'so-called' there. Hehe!). Can't wait for you to besar sikit so that I can agah-agah you & include Umar too! It must be so fun!

My apology that after 16 days, baru sempat nak blog about your arrival. I blame Umar for invading my laptop like 24/7 now with his Upin Ipin, Elmo's World, Didi & Friends etc that I hardly have time to blog. Pheww! And also because I've been so occupied with a lot of work, endlessly T_T Di harap Umar goes to bed awal la nanti (instead at 11 pm plus) so that I have time to blog more about you. InsyaAllah

Nov 3, 2015

Kaca Suro

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I don't like how this blog now turns to hidup segan mati tak mahu. Which literally means that my life is mundane & there's nothing really interesting happening except that I'm swamped with work T_T #dilemaseoranglawyer #pemikirmasalahclients #siscuba

Whilst I'm typing this at 11.33 pm, A.H & I had just had our dinner. I know that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, one shouldn't take dinner after 7 p.m but we have no choice as A.H will only arrive home from work at 11 p.m. No wonder kedua-dua kami semakin membulat sekarang. Tiada lagi muka runcing sama seperti pada hari Perkahwinan kami 8 bulan yang lepas

Too lazy to upload photos as comparison. Biarlah kami muhasabah diri secara peribadi sahaja

On a different note, there was Hari Assyura held at Kompleks Mahkamah Kota Bharu today. Had the opportunity to show off my kacau skill (after a male senior lawyer passed kayu pengacau kat kita) for about 5 minutes. Lols! Kayu pengacau pun almost sama tinggi dengan kita

I had fun nonetheless! Especially I had these 2 lovely girls to accompany me!

The one in the middle & the most right are single btw. Pls pm me if any of you are interested. Ahemmm!
Yang abam-abam hitam putih kat belakang are mostly taken ya? 

Kacau bubur assyura in formal black & white complete dengan tie, not your usual view I reckon. Lols!

Oct 31, 2015

Bunga-bunga Kuning

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Have you noticed that I recently changed the blog header?

I thought it would stay there for quite some time before I would replace it with a new header tapi nampaknya, daku sudah boring melihat bunga-bunga kuning itu. I even don't know its name actually, cukup untuk membuktikan mek ini bukanlah mek bungo

Thinking of buying a nice blog theme but is it worth? I've found a few pretty blog themes which really my cup of tea but oh so sayang to spend my money for it. I mean, is it worth to invest on this blog when I barely have other people reading my blog beside my Husband? 

Might as well recycle the old header & do some editings here & there kan?

Au Revoir Octobre 2015

 Assalamualaikum & hello!

October is coming to its end & what a busy month it has been! (should really blame my new work place though. I hardly have rest!) Come November, then we'll be just a month away to 2016

For reminiscing purpose, these are a few interesting things that recently happened in October. Gambar recycle dari Instagram je actually

1) Celebrated the birthdays of 2 October babies in our Family; my nephew, Umar's 2nd birthday on 01/10 & my Mother's 61st birthday on 15/10

2) Lepak-lepak session (should think of a better name though as 'lepak-lepak' makes us sound like rempitzzz. Lols!) with my friend, Madiha
Although me & my close friends live like 5 to 20 minute drive from each other, our work schedules don't have a mutual understanding seemingly. So, as much as I want to make it a monthly thing with my friends, we know it's almost impossible. Who said being adult is fun? We hardly have time for our friends no matter how much we yearn for that T_T
But whenever we have the chance, we'll definitely go for it! Even A.H always encourages me to have some girly time with my friends. Such an understanding husband I have :P
02/10/2015, Lugano Cafe Kubang Kerian 
Meet my date for that night, Madiha who is one of the nicest girls I know  
Baei couldn't join that night due to her fever

3) 03/10/2015, Thai Festival at Stadium Sultan Muhammad IV, Kota Bharu
Thai Festival has been taken place since a few years ago here & it's like 2, 3 timer per year. Or probably more. But still, oh my God! I love going there! Love somtam the most! Usually sebab selalu sangat rambang mata, ended up beli somtam je. Lols!
 Somtam so, kerabu kaki aye so. Pedah deh?
 A.H's second time at Thai Festival, after going to the first one in February 2014 when he came here to K.Bahru for the first time to meet my Parents. Hehe!

4) 03/10/2015. We're no longer wifi-less. Hallo Yes 4G!

5) Celebrated the Boss' 30th Birthday at the office (yes, our Boss is very young)

6) 15/10/2015. My first visit to Klinik 1Malaysia

Had been suffering from flu fever for more than week & it was the worst on that day that I felt like my eyes are going off from their sockets T_T So, I decided to go to the nearest K1M near my office during the lunch break

I didn't receive any MC though (as it's only by doctor's authorization. Since I came during lunch hour, I only got to see the Medical Assistant (MA), just an attending slip but the meds that I received cured the headache almost instantly! Alhamdulillah!

7) 19/10/2015. A work trip to Pasir Puteh Magistrate Court

Working at the new firm has required me to travel a lot to the district Magistrate Court, something which I actually enjoy (most of the times). I was at Pasir Puteh Magistrate Court on 19/10 & took the chance to go the Pasir Puteh market nearby later on

It's one of the must do things whenever I'm at the district as I get to know the local people (albeit superficial but having a small talk with pakcik/makcik penjual won't cost you any penny ayte?), buy local products at much much cheaper pric& feel the atmosphere there

Seeing old pakciks/makciks still doing business even at such age(s) always saddens me. Some might be doing it because that's their sole source of income, whilst others might be doing it because of minat & passion. As for me, for some reasons (other than one stated above) I always preferred to buy things/goods from them, the old darling pakciks/makciks (although who knows that they actually secretly earn more than me)

As I was driving passing by a few kedais in the town, I can't help to feel very nostalgic. I spent 5 years in Pasir Puteh, attending an all girls' boarding school there & although it's been 11 years since I left the school, some things remain the same & honestly, I prefer them that way

Apalah ertinya berkunjung ke Pasir Puteh tanpa singgah sebentar di alma mater? Tu pun if you could consider stopping my car in front of the school gate & took only one shot of it all within less than one minute as a 'berkunjung' lah. Hehe!

8) 20/10/2015. Celebrated our Legal Assistant, Iqah's 26th Birthday

Because work all day spells no fun, so marilah berhoreyyy! And yes, those rambu-rambu hats have become our official birthday hats. So glad I bought them. Lols!

Oh btw, Iqah just delivered a baby girl on 30/10, about 3 weeks earlier from her EDD. I was & am still nervous every time I think about this as it means all her workload is now shifted to meeeeee! T_T

9) 21/10/2015. A.H & I celebrated our 8th month of Marriage. Alhamdulillah

10) 29/10/201. A work trip to Machang Magistrate Court

I had a pretty nervous night as I was preparing for the Trial/Hearing which was fixed on the next day.  It was an accident claim (bodily injury) Hearing, an area of practice which is quite new for me. Huhu! 

But you simply can't say 'No' when your boss asked you to be in charge kan, although when you just received the file the day before the Hearing

A.H looking at the medical report prepared by the doctor who treated the client; trying to be helpful & calming me down. All that medical terms sound alien to me. Patah tulang gagah?

But it turned out ok. We didn't need to for for Hearing sebab insurance company bagi offer as per requested by the client. Lols! If only general litigation is also that simple!

Maka berbaloi lah daku tidak mengelabah sangat pada malam tersebut. And the feeling was even more awesome as I met my 2 UiTM juniors there, NikNa & Ira. Had lunch with them before we left pulang ke pangkal jalan

On my way back, singgah sebentar di rumah Pak Ngah & Mak Ngah (my Mother's eldest Sister) in Labok, Machang. So happy to see them & Alhamdulillah, Pak Ngah pun nampak sihat than usual :')

 "Hendak (hendap) gapo tu?" asked my 80+/90+ years old Pak Ngah when he saw me holding my phone for wefie

Wish that I could stay longer but what to do, I still need to go back to the office :'( I love both of them so much that I cried whilst driving from their house #hatitisu May Allah swt grant them the best state of health & panjang umur, so that I would have more times to be spent with them, visit them & make them (especially my Mak Ngah) happy! Amin!

11)  30/10/2015. Preparing for the arrival of my Baby Niece

My Sister is expected to deliver her second child on 24/11 & insyaAllah, it's going to be a baby girl! Alhamdulillah & woohOo!

I think I'm going to call her 'Adik Baby' regardless her name

Although I always love baby boys for some reasons, having a baby girl in the family isn't bad ayte? I can tell that my Mother's the most excited person in the Family (beside the Sister herself). She & my Father have been preparing the confinement room for my Sister since 2 weeks ago & the efforts that they have been putting themselves into are so lovely

Bak kata the Mother, "Macam Ma pulak yang nak berpantang". Lols!

A.H helping out my Sister with the rocking chair. So colourful!
Everyone is so excited! Maka, adakah Abam Umar akan berasa terancam kelak? Jeng jeng jeng!

12) 30/10/2015. A sushi date with A.H

I'm not really into sushi but once in awhile, I've this demanding craving that nothing it can tolerate :P

Tapi as usual, A.H would eat more than me. Whilst I was still waiting for my fork & spoon (still haven't mustered the skill of using the chopsticks. I'm not even trying. Lols!), A.H had already had a few sushi down in his tummy


I wish I have more date like this, albeit short. Apakan daya, A.H's working hours are between 2 p.m to 10 p.m during weekdays. My time with him is numbered (by hours) :(

That's all for October! Looking forward for November
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