Mar 26, 2015

Merisik, After A Year

Assalamualaikum & hi!

A.H will be working night shift today which means he got some extra times at the Lala Land & also some times to spend with me on Whatssap (LDR couple, people. So kesian). He's currently at Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Department or to be more specific, working in the operating theaters. So, when he has some free time like this, my Whatssap notification will be beeping non-stop asking for my attention :P

I was in between doing some legal work in front of my desktop at the office & replying his Whatssap texts when he reminded me that we had missed our Merisik anniversary, 23/03/2014. I totally forgot about it this time. Ni la akibat bila banyak sangat anniversaries to celebrate, we tend to forget kan? -.-'

But come to think about it, about this time last year we were just Seeker-Seekee! Now, dah kahwin already! WoohoO! Alhamdulillah!

 Read my post about our Merisik here

How a lot of things had happened within a year. From being strangers, jual mahal, to Seeker-Seekee after like 2 months after our we got to know each other, the Engagement & the Wedding, we definitely have a lot of things to be grateful for. Alhamdulillah

So Dr A.H, bila nak balik Kelate?

Mar 25, 2015

A New Interest

Assalamualaikum & hi! 

I recently developed a new interest No, interest itu bukan dalam bentuk mengusya Instagram yang menjual handbags berjenama pada harga mampu milik, bukan juga mengusya tiket Firefly ke Subang - Kota Bharu yang murah. Bukan bukan (walaupun pada hakikatnya ya). Namun interest itu ialah ... *drums roll*


Keeping a planner!

Sebagai peminat tegar mengemaskini data hidup peribadi (di blog & Instagram) & used to keep diaries, having a neat & pretty planner is like a must. Have been trying to make it as a hobby but masa sangat mencemburui hidupku. Nonetheless, I've started buying some of the things that I need (and probably, I might need) last week yet I haven't really officially started the project. We have limited cute & awesome supplies of stationeries here in Kota Bharu, so finding the things above was quite a trick. Ye la, dah almost April baru nak cari 2015 planner. Motif? T_T

Anyway, here are some photos I found on Pinterest

So bright, so colourful, so posh!

Saw some fancy planners at kikki-k & Typo websites but the shipping cost nya, MasyaAllah sis! Lagi mahal dari the planner itself! Been eyeing on the Kate Spade planners as well but the price of one planner is equivalent to a handbag! Baik beli handbag kan?

 Planners from kikki-k
 Planners from Typo

Tak pe lah, for now we settle on the red cover planner that I had bought la dulu. Kang beli mahal-mahal kang jadi projek hangat-hangat tahi ayam semata-mata. Ni pun dah menuju ke arah itu nampaknya

Mar 23, 2015

1 Month

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Alhamdulillah, A.H & I turned 1 month last Saturday, 21/03/2015

Yes yes, I know. The newly married couple can be annoying. Everything pun nak di countdownkan. Lols! But we really couldn't resist to celebrate every single significant date, selagi mampu. And it's true when people said distance makes the heart grow founder

Anyway, A.H was in the town during the recent weekend. He arrived here on Thursday night (he took the last flight from Subang right after work), attended his relative's wedding on Friday & left again on Saturday morning (and back to work that night kerja sampai pagi esok). Doctors are superheroes; they skip breakfast & lunch and work around the clock without having enough ample rest & sleep. Whenever I had something to complain about my work, I know it's nothing on par to compare with his hectic life. Lantas mek berasa sedikit insaf di situ

Maka untuk menghargai jasa doktor di hospital kerajaan, adakah perlu untuk bersalin di hospital kerajaan juga kelak? Lols! #notpregnantyet

Anyway, no fancy celebration as we were rushing to the airport that morning but hopefully that expensive breakfast at O'Brien would make it up. Tu pun A.H who paid for it

To A.H,

Thank you very much for this awesome 1 month. I pray may Allah make us give us more chances & opportunities to celebrate more anniversaries & special significant days in the future, InsyaAllah. Thank you for always believing in me & patiently layan-ing my roller-coaster mode. Hehe! You're one of the calmest people I've ever met, something quite opposite to what I'm. You're so dedicated & passionate about your work & it worries me seeing you having not enough rest, sleep, drinks & meals. I pray may this LDR end soon, so that we can live like normal husband & wife (still not used to this term though) where I can take care of you, cook for you *panics* & go to many eating places whenever we please! And, may Allah grant our dua to become a soleh/solehah spouse to each other & when the right time, cool parents to our future kids. Amin

Looking forward to meeting you soon. Perhaps in April or May? InsyaAllah. I wuv you! (and also your lame & annoying jokes)

Mar 18, 2015

Panas Cheng-cheng Sekali

In case you need some inspirational words & pretty photos, just like moi :P

Assalamualaikum & hi!

The weather has been very hot lately. MasyaAllah. And being a pluviophile I am, of course I miss having rainy days around. Can't remember the last time I went to bed accompanied with the sound of rain. Dah lama tak hujan. I miss it :(

Speaking of which, I realize that I haven't updated this space with my flood story. My very own version of it, experienced first hand lagi. There are still some marks left around the house which always reminds us how bad it was. Can't believe it happened almost 4 months ago. Still remember how it felt seeing everything covered with flood around the neighbourhood

I shall keep the details about it in a special post soon. Soon tu bila ntah. Hehe!

Oh anyway berbalik kepada cerita hot weather sekarang, it's has eventually given an effect on my skin; mengelupas & it looks so unhealthy. Terus merudum rasa keyakinan diri, nak bagi gambar daily selfie to A.H pun malas. Luls! But yes, people. Please keep yourself hydrated alright? Drink a lot of water & stay indoor if possible. And don't forget your sunnies if you're outdoor to protect your eyes from panas cheng-cheng. Just like these 2 mokciks


Mar 17, 2015

Fefeeling Deko-deko

Assalamualaikum & hi everyone!

As a girl (who spent 5 years away at the girls' boarding school), I always wanted a bright & white bedroom all to myself. A girl can always dream although in reality all I had was a pink wall bedroom which I had to share it with my Sister (before she got married)

My Sister & I are 5 years apart & we have different tastes almost in anything (except that we're good at spending. Ma kata ni ikut trait beliau. Lols!) which actually & eventually led to the clash of tastes in our bedroom decoration. When I was still in the phase of teddy bears & whatnot, she was already all crazy about Backstreet Boys. When I developed a tepuk sebelah tangan love with Mark Westlife (he's gay unfortunately. Gah!), she was already at the uni & acting so cool with all the grown-ups stuff

But Allah swt is very fair. He definitely knows when I'm actually ready for whatever I wanted. I don't think 10-year old Suria would really know how to appreciate a bright & white bedroom. Plus, she definitely had no money to buy anything back then :P

Currently, I really enjoy decorating my bright & white bedroom. I rearrange things once in a while mostly because I can't stand seeing things untouched for so long & partly because my 17 month-old nephew, Umar loves coming to my bedroom & usik things. Almost had a mini heart-attack whenever I caught him red-handed playing with my fragile decorations. Anddddd, even my bling-bling bed lamp pun dah rosak Umar usik

Mama Sue is pasrah ke hadrat Ilahi T_T


1. 'A Gift for Muslim Bride', a book given by my dear friend Intan & Ira as the wedding gift. Purposely put it on display so that I'll be reminded to read it & just because the cover is pretty!

2. The bling-bling bed lamp which now serves as hiasan semata-mata T_T I removed it from my bedroom a few days ago sebab Umar suka sangat pergi usik

3. The white frame bought from Daiso with our Wedding's official logo

4. A mini Eiffel Tower bought at Kaison

5. A wedding doorgift from my friend. It's from SSF & so pretty!


1. An alarm clock bought at IKEA recently. I decided to go traditional sebab yang ni bingit bunyinya ya ampunnn & of course because it has no snooze button. Kalau lambat lagi bangun Subuh tak tahu laaa. Hehe!

2. The photo frame on the right side is a wedding gift from Mr/Mrs Unknown. Thank you! I love it very much


1. The candle set from my secondary school friend, Fiqah (who was supposed to be one of my Bridesmaids tapi ada hal pulak at the very last minute. Sobs!). They gave my white bedroom a splash of vibrant colours tapi yang ni pun dah removed & masuk kotak balik sebab Umar suka amik the glasses & main-main dengan batu-batu tu T_T

2. The white tall thing at the back is a bed lamp & it actually Umar's but Mama Sue pinjam. Thanks! :P The design it so simple but it's bright enough. From Tesco if I'm not mistaken

3. The white thing on the left side is the Glade automatic spray air freshener #teamvanilla


Bought the fairy lights at Penang for RM20. Rasa macam gadis-gadis sangat ada lampu gantung-gantung ni. Mid life crisis mungkin? Hehe! But A.H said they're pretty & of course Umar pun suka (Umar apa je yang tak suka. Botol shampu Johnson's & Johnson's pun dia suka)


Received this bedding set from A.H's relatives as the wedding gift. Thank you! Just my kind of colour & corak. So pretty! We don't have any blanket to match the sheet yet, so terpaksa tahan daripada menggunakannya

Our bedroom is still not complete anyway. We still don't have a study table & the wall is still empty but that things can wait I guess. As you can see, no specific theme for the bedroom but I like to keep it simple. Would love to buy a few things from IKEA (like a pretty mirror with black wooden frame & of course a white study table) tetapi KL-KB bukan sekangkang kera jaraknya ya adik-adik. Nak-nak kalau travel by flight *hints to A.H*

Sekian sahaja (fefeeling) deko-deko with Kak Sue. As mentioned above, the decoration will change from time to time, depending on my mood & preference. Hehe!
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