Apr 23, 2014

Over It & Terrified

I'm a big fan of Katherine McPhee although I must admit that her only song that I used to listen to was 'Over It'. Hehe!

I know right, how come I declare myself as a big fan dengar satu lagu jeee? I've been changing my hp for so many times in the past few years but lagu 'Over It' wajib ado dalam hp playlist. Kadang-kadang buat ringtone sebab the music is so feminist at the beginning tu
I'll occasionally sing it out loud whenever I'm driving from work. Well of course with all the windows rolled up in order to not cause any air pollution & public nuisance *coughs*

But can you imagine me singing that song? Fefeeling Katherine kejap *flips tudung* And she's also so pretty! I mean, just look at her photo!

Ok, let's sing along!

Anyway, 'Terrified' (Katherine McPhee ft Zachary Levi) is my latest obsession. What took me so long to download this song, I wonder. Now, I have a new song to sing to. Yayyy! My car, Alex must be so happy

P/s: Well, in order to make up the thing that happened yesterday & last night, I dedicate 'Terrified' to youuuuu, A.H! Let's pretend that my voice sounds like Katherine McPhee walaupun memang jauh panggang dari api. Bahahaha! #iamsorryforwhathappenedlastnight #ily #iamterrifiedsometimes #biasalahperempuan #annoyinggf #annoyinghashtag #muahehe

Apr 22, 2014

A New Blog; Yes or Nay?

I don't know about you but reading most of the bride-to-be's blogs is actually quite fun. As long as they don't/didn't write or share anything deemed too intimate that it should be just between them & their future spouses, then I'm totally fine with it. Besides, boleh dapat many info, ideas & boleh buat comparison

But I don't know about anyone who reads my blog

I mean, are my readers (wahhh! Fefeeling retis pulak blog mek ramai readers :P) ok with me writing/sharing/publishing about my engagement & wedding preparation & anything related with it? Idea macam banyak nak tulis & share tapi kadang-kadang takut orang menyampah baca. Nanti malu la kalau orang fikir 'excited betui mek sorang ni' -.-'

Although my intention is to document them for my future reference + if there's anything nak bagitahu A.H but I'm to shy to convey it straight, boleh bagi hints kat sini. Hehe! + as kenang-kenangan pada hari tua, mek tak bolehlah syok sendiri juga

So please, can you spare some of your time to vote whether I should create a new blog for engagement & wedding preparation & stuff or just stick to one blog only? Tqvm!

Update: Poll closed. Tqvm for voting, people! I shall stick to one blog only lah nampaknya. Hehe!

Jalan-jalan Around The World

Assalamualaikum & hallo! Apo kabar belako?

 I think I work best with people, animals (high paws, cats!) & nature, not machines

Thus, my never-ending yearn to explore, travel & get to know more people. I'm addicted to breath in fresh air & feast my eyes with green sceneries. I'm not a fan of big cities, let alone spending hours on the road in congested traffic jams. Definitely a kampung girl I'm

If only duit boleh dipetik dari pokok & I don't need to worry about other commitments & bills to pay at the end of the months. Sigh!

Btw, here are some interesting & pretty photos I found from tumblr

Chanderi, India


 Sana'a, Yemen

 Old Sana'a, Yemen

 Alps, Switzerland

Brienz, Switzerland



Ilulissat, Greenland

 Syeikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

 Hallstatt, Austria

 Kabul, Afghanistan

York, England

When you’re traveling, you are what you are, right there and then. 
People don’t have your past to hold against you. No yesterdays on the road.
—  William Least Heat-Moon

Now, where's my piggy bank?

Apr 21, 2014

Last words Of Cockpit Voice Recordings

26 Sept 1997, Garuda Indonesia Airlines; the saddest last word for me :(

And MH370, where art thou?

Apr 20, 2014

Lab Coat vs Robe

Was on phone with A.H the other day, talking about random stuff while he was walking to the ward. He told me that one of the nurses asked him about his lab coat, "Doktor punya lab coat ni dari zaman belajar eh?" which literally means "Kenapa buruk benor lab coat doktor ni?". Lols! Apparently, his friends had also showed their concern on how worn out his lab coat is

He usually leaves his labcoat at the hospital & wears it all day long, hatta even when it's not necessary. Like the other day when he had to send a blood sample to a clinic nearby & wore his lab coat just because "Nanti orang kat counter tu ingat ni mamat jual jamu mana pulak ni".Tsk!

As if his skema-ness + stethoscope + name tag aren't obvious enough -.-'

And only Allah knows what sorts of germs & bacteria can be found living happily on it. The lab coat is no longer white, it has turned itself to yellow. Can you imagine it? But being a busy guy he is, getting a new lab coat is probably the last thing in his mind. "Daripada keluar beli lab coat baru, baru gi makan Wong Solo kat Kg Baru", mungkin itu yang bermain di fikiran beliau

Being baik hati I am, of course I feel so kesian. I had told him a few times on my idea of giving him a new lab coat as one of the hantarans for our engagement. Thought that I'll be something cool & extraordinary but the Sister & Mother don't seem amused with the idea. You see, I've been trying to be practical with our hantarans, not untuk cukupkan syarat per se. Like, why do I need to give him a sampin when he desperately needs a new lab coat more?

On other hand, A.H seems to be happy with it. (or does he pretend that he's ok with the idea? He better not). In return, he said that perhaps he should give me a robe, sebagai balasan kepada lab coat

Black & white; wowww! Our lives are very interesting

Tqvm love. I do appreciate a lot it but I'm not wearing my robe everyday & it's not easily worn out. I even believe the robe yang mek ada sekarang ni pun boleh dipass down kepada 3 generasi kami yang akan datang. InsyaAllah :P

The lab coat won't be one of the hantarans unfortunately but I'm still thinking of giving him a new one as an upah for kelakuan baik, an inside joke between us. Hehe!

3 weeks more before our engagement! InsyaAllah *freaks out*