Oct 3, 2015

From D To Y

Assalamualaikum & hi!

After terminating Streamyx at home (sebab pencuri-pencuri kabel area rumah ni tak makan saman punya makhluk. Pardon my words) & relying on our humble 8gb Digi MobiFi for almost a year, we finally have a proper home wifi! Alhamdulillah & wohoO!

Did some research (A.H did most of them while your truly did 50% of the final say. Lols!) before we decided to opt for Yes Zoom 4G. I was actually hoping for Unifi tapi kat Kota Bharu ni Unifi is still pretty much new & tak banyak lagi area Unifi cover

And I can foresee that this blog will be updated more regularly after this. InsyaAllah. Hehe! And yes, more watching Upin & Ipin videos online & Robocar Poli for my nephew, Umar

And A.H is the happiest person now I think as he can watch Rugby World Cup online..... Actually that's the main reason why he was so semangat surveying the best wifi -.-'

Sep 21, 2015

7 Months

Assalamualaikum & hi!

A.H & I celebrate our 7 months of marriage today. Alhamdulillah

Everyday I thank Allah swt for blessing me with a wonderful husband who hasn't only become a spouse, my source of happiness & strength, my personal doctor, my financial advisor (and I think he's good one at it considering how careful I plan my spending nowadays. Well, at least I consulted him before I clicked that 'Buy Now' button. Lols!) etc but also, hopefully the reason for me to obtain Jannah in the Hereafter. Amin ya rabbal alamin

Every month on this day i.e 21st day, I'll always try to make it special. It doesn't need to be having a special dinner at expensive restaurant but as simple as having a movie marathon while chomping our favourite snacks ke, or just jalan-jalan at the mall buying groceries. I like spending some intimate quality times together; just the two of us. We're not getting younger day by day (in fact A.H will turn 30 next year! Huhu!) so, why not acting & being like two lovebirds whilst we can ayte?

There were times at nights when he went to the bed earlier than me & the look on his face told me how exhausted he was. Driving an hour to his workplace as early as 6.10 a.m everyday really zonks him out I guess. Poor guy! Nonetheless, no doubt that he's one dedicated person & I know he treats all his patients with great care & utmost concern. Semoga menjadi saham beliau di akhirat nanti. InsyaAllah

 30/07/2015 - The day I followed him to the clinic where he did his locum & waited him for hours. I wonder why didn't I ask him to check my swollen tonsils that day but instead suffering alone in the room next door?

Sep 17, 2015

Attending Our First Chinese Wedding

Assalamualaikum & hi!

My oh my! Where did I go for the past 8 days? Well, there's nothing new. Work at the office has been very crazy that there were times I felt like giving up. Lols!

Nonetheless, I just completed some important works last Tuesday, so I'm kinda giving myself some self reward by planning to do nothing today at the firm. Hehe! But behold, come next week & I'll be as kalut as lipas yang disembur Ridsect T_T

I've a lot to share but for now, this will do

A wedding invitation card came into our mail box on 06/09/2015 & it was from Dr. S.K who is A.H's old best friend when he went to one Chinese primary school in KL

Notice something not right about the address? Hehe! Nasib baik the Pos Malaysia guy got it delivered to our house despite the mistake

Both A.H & I; neither of us had the experience of attending any Chinese wedding before. I was quite clueless & the first thing that popped into my mind was "What should I/we wear?". I know Chineses love red & gold (thanks to some advertisements I saw on tv during Chinese New Year including that one where the guy brought his mat salleh girlfriend home for makan besar. Was it from KFC?) but I don't have many (and should I add, new?) red bajus that are glamorous enough for wedding

We were informed then that the wedding theme is red & white. Uh oh! 

A.H then told me that I should get a pair of new bajus just to match the theme. So supportive & understanding la my husband. Hehe! But naah. I'll just wear my previous baju raya & as for A.H, I've packed the shirt that he wore during our Engagement which coincidentally suit the theme & my baju. Or at least, I think so :P

A self created dilemma solved. Baju kenduri check!

Since the Wedding will be held on Saturday night & Sunday is a working day here in Kelate, it means that we have to apply for a leave. I'm still considered as a newbie at the Firm & I'm not supposed to apply/have any leave yet but the Boss is kind enough to let me have a day off. Teehee!

Leave approved! Alhamdulillah

Now, let's hope that they will provide an extra set of fork & spoon for me at the Reception. Or else it will leave me with no choice but to ask A.H to suap me. Me & chopsticks, we're still new in our merely-existing relationship. If you know what I mean

Sep 8, 2015

Ba Ba Black Sheep

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Work has been very crazy & it's only my 3rd week here. I often had work-related nightmares lately & they weren't nice at all. Also had difficulties to sleep at night because my mind seems to not stop thinking about work, work, work & work :(

I know many of you could relate ayte? The pressure, chasing the datelines, the never-ending worries thinking about the possibility that you won't make it to the dateline etc

But would complaining here make my work lesser & easier? Nope

So, I better go back to work. Bismillah

My 23 months old nephew, Umar. Bestnyaaa jadi budak-budak!

Sep 3, 2015

Wedding Preparation & Perkara Seumpamanya

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Despite having some pending work to do, I curik-curik some time tadi to read some of my blog posts on my wedding preparation & oh my, what a memory!

You may read about my journey as a bride-to-be here. It includes almost everything about my wedding preparation from choosing the wedding planner, wedding photographer, wedding invitation cards, food caterer etc. Banyak lagi yang tak sempat update but I shall, from time to time blog about my Wedding preparation & the big day itself. InsyaAllah

Need to do them asap before basi & sementara masih ingat. Hehe!

21/02/2015 - Us, looking so awkward whilst walking towards the dais. Lols! 
Aren't we supposed to hold hands & act bahagia? -.-'

Photo by 10Bucks Photo

I have to admit that there were some of the things on my Wedding day that weren't the way I wanted them to be. Deep down inside, I know I'm perfectionist (combined with OCD!), I want everything to be perfect or at least look perfect but when it involved many parties & organizing a wedding after your house was hit by a massive flood at the end of December (about a month & a half before the Wedding in February), I know some things are beyond our control no matter how much we had prepared for it

It was nothing major honestly but, being me, I still can't get it out of my head. It could have been better tapi tak pe lah. Yang penting perkara-perkara wajib dah settle kan? Alhamdulillah :)

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