Aug 29, 2014

The Engagement : The Hantaran

The Sister doing the last minute touch-up to the hantaran, 10/05/2014

Prior to my Engagement, I did a lot of studies on Instagram & on the internet, just to get some ideas of how I want my hantaran to be. I would really love to have fresh flowers as the decoration on the hantaran trays but after considering the factors that they are expensive & won't last long, we opted for artificial flowers instead

Since the theme colour was peach, the artificial flowers we chose were of bright & bold colours, a combination that I totally fond of. The decoration & plastic trays were bought from WS Handricaft, K.Bharu (in front of Pusat Perubatan An-Nisa), the same place where we bought the things for the DIY Engagement mini dais

For the hantaran, A.H & I agreed to exchange gifts/ which we deemed necessary so that we won't go overboard with our budget. Ours were just simple, nothing to boast about really but other people (especially the fiance/fiance-to-be) may have their own preferences when it comes to hantaran

From A.H
  • Ring 
  • Sireh Junjung
  • Bunga Telur 
  • Victoria's Secret Pure Daydream Fragrance Mist, Hand Lotion & Body Wash 
  • 2 pasang kain 
  •  Fruits 
  • Chocolates 
  • Cakes

    From me
    • Ring
    • Sireh Junjung
    • Kain baju melayu putih
    • Sampin
    • Sejadah
    • Red Velvet Cupcakes (I requested for Doctor+Lawyer theme. Hehe!)
    • Chocolates
    • Lup Chup (Thai dessert)

    The Sister did 90% of the hantaran decoration, so she deserves all the credits & thank yous I can't remember how much we spent on all the decoration items but DIY-ing is definitely cheaper than upah orang tolong decorate, especially if it's done by at bridal boutique. But of course bayar mahai, outcome pun should be cantik ayte?

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    Aug 28, 2014

    The Victory of Gaza

    Assalamualaikum !

    After 7 weeks of tears, suffering beyond any word could describe, 2145 syuhada, around 11000 injured, 15670 damaged housing units etc, Gaza has finally tasted its victory! Allahuakbar! :') 

    {وَيَوْمَئِذٍ يَفْرَحُ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ بِنَصْرِ اللَّهِ يَنصُرُ مَن يَشَاء وَهُوَ الْعَزِيزُ الرَّحِيمُ}
    "Dan pada hari itu bergembiralah orang beriman dengan pertolongan Allah. Dia telah memenangkan sesiapa yang dikehendaki dan Dia adalah yang Maha Berkuasa lagi Maha Mengasihi".

    Can you see the happiness on their faces? It had been so long since the last time they feel such contentment & I pray, may it last forever. Amin! 

    I think it does feel like a dream, especially for the people in Gaza. It sure feels like entering into another phase of life altogether where their lives, rights & freedom are no longer restricted & threatened. Their lives are resumed with hopefully a lot of happy & promising days & years ahead. Alhamdulillah & InsyaAllah!

    Aug 27, 2014

    Umar At 10 Months Old

    26/08/2014 - Accompanying Umar enjoying the strong wind at the veranda
    He was shouting, laughing, clapping & fefeeling, thus the I-am-not-ready-yet faces of him
    No longer bayi mesra kamera. Tsk!

    My nephew, Umar will turn 11 months old on 01/09, Alhamdulillah. Sebagai ibu saudara yang penyayang serta awesome, haruslah turut serta dalam mengemaskini perkembangan Umar:

    • From a sleeping-all-day-long to a hardly-can-sit-still-who-now-has-7-teeth baby, Umar definitely has grown up well bagaikan juara! Alhamdulillah. Oh not to forget, has been causing everyone's arms sore from his weight. Kesian Tok Ma & Tok Abah sakit-sakit pinggang & bahu dukung Umar. A bony little man this guy 

    • Umar hasn't started walking but he's now at the stage where he likes to hold on to something & walk while holding to it. Apakah term yang sesuai untuk itu? Maafin, Mama Sue belum install any baby apps on hp, maka vocabulary Mama Sue agak terhad. He has its own style of crawling. Crawling sambil tangan macam marching gitu. It's usually when he's excited

    • Umar also likes to jump. Instead of "Tatih! Tatih! Tatih! *while us holding on his hands*, he will jump instead. Jump sambil menjerit keriangan. Dengan badan beliau yang berat itu, mengah juga kami dibuatnya. Forget about exercise, we've 11kg dumb bell here who will laugh at loud almost at anything, even at the sound of people sneeze

    • Dari segi hiburan, Umar isn't a gadget obsessed but he lovesssss watching zikir on Astro Oasis so much. So much so that he will become cranky if we don't bring him upstairs to watch it in the evening & he will sit quietly in amazed in front of tv macam tak pernah tengok walhal dari umur 3 bulan kot tengok? Beriman betul Umar ini, adakah bakal menjejaki langkah Abinya menjadi pelajar KISAS kelak?

    • Umar loves food. His breakfast will usually be laksam lemak. Amboi kemainnn! Nasib baik dok kat Kelate, you can buy laksam anywhere. Cer duduk kat KL, makan biskut Ruskies je la awak Umar. He also loves munching on biskut keras yang orang selalu cicah air kopi tu. Biskut kering ke namanya yang orang selalu jual ikut gram tu. Mama Sue berharap awak akan tawaduk selamanya macam ni Umar & tidak berpaling kepada biskut yang mahal seperti Famous Amos suatu hari nanti

    • Umar loves cat tapi dia geli-geli. He will laugh when either Boboy or Tommy comes approaching him. Tapi tak boleh biar macam tu je sebab end up, Umar will squeeze them like how he squeezes his bantal busuk. Bahaya kerana dikhuatiri bakal menyumbang kepada penderaan haiwan peliharaan

    • His Ummi recently brought him a mini motorcycle (not battery operated). A few incidents happened in the first few weeks sebab masa tu beliau tak reti lagi balance badan; motor fell onto him while his trying to turun, motor terbabas etc. It was funny actually but of course I had to restrain myself from laughing. Hahah! But now beliau sudah pandai riding his mini motorcycle persis racer kategori 1 tahun ke bawah. Juga digunakan sebagai umpan untuk beliau duduk diam semasa Tok Ma suapkan makanan
    •  Tok Ma has recently taught Umar how to high-5 & he will plant a kiss on cheek when we say 'Umar, sayang'. Sayang = kiss. Ni pun ajaran Tok Ma. Tapi Umar will only sayang when he's in a good mood. Kalau beliau malas layan, beliau akan tepuk muka kita instead T_T

    • Bath time is Umar's favourite. Sekali dengan kita sekali lencun sebab beliau akan hempap bambam dalam air hingga menghasilkan gelombang air mencurah-curah keluar dari basin mandi. Love rain & akan membebel atau mintak nak tengok hujan during raining. A.H recently bought him a mini pool & Umar telah mandi dengan riang gembira sampai demam the next day. Hehe!

    • Umar talks a lot but of course in a language only he can understand. A few days ago, we managed to hear it said 'Abah! Abah!'. Pandai bodek Tok Abah, mentang-mentang nak pujuk bawak jalan-jalan. Oh, his voice is also loud! No doubt he inherits that from his Ummi -.-'

    Aug 25, 2014

    Getting Married : The Wedding Photographer

    Assalamualaikum & hi!

    I don't know why we put this on hold but bila lagi 6 bulan left before wedding, we became quite gelabah (or rather me yang terlebih gelabah. Hehe!) about finding & getting our wedding photographer. Our wedding will be during Chinese New Year holiday next year, InsyaAllah which means, weddings here & there pada masa itu! 

    Worried that we might not get a good wedding photographer to shoot our happy moments, I put up an s.o.s status on Fb, asking for help/suggestion/recommendation from dear friends

    Tqvm for all the recommendations/suggestions etc everyone!   *blows virtual flying kisses*

    There a few reasons why I want a Kelantanese as our wedding photographer & sesungguhnya tiada niat di hati mek untuk bersifat assabiyah di situ ya?

    • It will be easier for me to communicate or discuss or bak kato ore Kelate, 'mudoh nok kecek kiro' with the photographer mugo duduk same area keyh?
    • Logistic-wise as I don't have to provide him with accommodation & transportation. Plus, since he's local, he won't have any problem (hope so!) in finding & reaching the location(s)
    • A.H & I planned to have our outdoor photography session a day after akad nikah, reception & majlis bertandang & I know if we are about to hire someone who isn't based in Kelantan, we'll have to pay for extra charge(s) & there's a high possibility that he won't be able to entertain our demand
    • Local photographers haruslah tahu tempat-tempat yang awesome for outdoor shoot around Kelate. I don't think I'll opt for beach. Plus, being shy-shy meow me, of course I won't feel comfortable posing in front of crowd or public :P 

    Other than hiring a Kelantanese as our wedding photographer, it's also important to me that I am & will be comfortable working with him. I'm naturally a shy person when it comes to pose in front of camera, especially with someone I'm not familiar with. I even told A.H half jokingly that I don't want somebody young & very good-looking as our photographer, nanti tersegan lebih. Hehe! :P

    We did a lot of reviews, liked & followed some FB pages & Instagram, studied the pictures & sent e-mails asking for the details & package etc. Rambang mata jugak actually nak buat the final decision. Anyway, if you're bride/groom-to-be in Kelate & still looking for photographers, I hope this list may help you in making decision

    Different photographer may have different photography package with of course comes with different price, it's all up to you to decide. Knowing what you want & the style you want your photographer to capture your happy wedding day is also important, besides his editing skill. I personally don't like extreme edited wedding photos sampai muka pun berubah jadi lain

    Tak pasal-pasal muka Kelate ori mek ini diedit & bertukar menjadi Miranda Kerr. Gitteww!

    Anyway, berbalik kepada topik asal, it wasn't that difficult before A.H & I made a decidion on which wedding photographer we would like to hire. Of course, prior to that we studied his Instagram, Fb & Blog & e-mailed him for quotation & asking a few questions. In fact, I met him once during my friend's wedding last June. And tqvm Ira sebab dok melobi sokmo

    And we chose ...

    Macam mana lah nak pose depan photographer nanti ni? Sesungguhnya I'm such a kaku person T_T

    Aug 24, 2014

    The Engagement : The Dress


    As mentioned in this 'The Engagement Preparation' post, I refused to spend so much on the engagement dress & the shawls. I even wasn't keen on the idea of renting them at any bridal boutique. I know that for some, the engagement dress is the most vital part of the ceremony but I personally think, the engagement ring is more important ;)

    I don't know why most people opted to wear a plain dress/baju kurung on their engagement but I was one of them. Hehe! Saw a few pictures on the internet of how some girls rocking on their engagement wearing baju bercorak-corak on bold colours. I think they looked nice too but it all depends on your personal preference

    So, the solution was to buy a pair of modern baju kurung with beads. I was lucky that the Mother has a friend who owns boutiques, so she brought home a few dresses for me to try on since I didn't have much time to do all the engagement dress hunting

    I finally settled on a pair of peach modern baju kurung with some beads. It was simple, just the way I wanted my Engagement dress to be although I didn't have any specific design in my mind

    I totally forgot to snap some proper pictures of the dress using the dslr. So, bila amik guna compact digicam, the colour of the dress turned out different. Maybe jugak sebab lighting dalam bilik yang suam-suam kuku

    On the other hand, A.H he wore a shirt peach with a few maroon wide vertical stripes paired with a pair of grey pants. Some people chose to wear baju melayu + dress of the same colour on their engagement but we chose to don in something simple. Nanti akad nikah & reception, barulah kita pakai baju sedondon all out gittewww

    Meanwhile for the shawls,

    For the first layer, I wore a plain ordinary shawl which I had worn it earlier during the Merisik in March. Meanwhile for the second (outer) layer, I wore a half-moon shawl sewn with beads. I really can't tell what the colour is but me & the Mother purposely chose a lighter colour to match the first-layer shawl & the dress

    I was worried honestly that the colours of the dress + shawls might be clashed but it turned out quite okay I guess. For RM23, it's worth the money

    As for the magic inner (I still don't really understand why people call it magic), it was a last minute decision & I bought it at one bridal boutique in front of Pantai Timur Pengkalan Chepa. Kalau ikut original plan, nak pakai shawls with my ordinary black serkup je, senang. Hehe!

    Anyhow, sharing about my Engagement dress doesn't mean that I think mine was perfect (I think the colour of my dress camouflaged a bit with the dais/background. Should have chosen another colour perhaps?). My tips to any miss fiancee-to-be who reads this, it's very important to know what you want & you're feeling comfortable with the dress. After all, you definitely want to have the best look on your (second) big day :)

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