Saturday, 3 June 2017

Our Hospital Bags ♥

11/04/2017. 32w5d
The hospital bags; mine & our Little I's

Assalamualaikum & hallo! Ramadan Mubarak day 8!

I'm in my 40w of pregnancy, to be exact one day passed since my EDD which was yesterday. Pheww!

Hence, it's very very safe to say that my hospital bags are 95% ready & I actually started preparing them when I was 8m pregnant. Tapi biasalah OCD mom, ada ja benda nak usik; lipat senget la, tak cantik la etc

The only things left are the Going to Hospital outfit which I haven't decided yet on what to wear. The nurse at the Klinik Desa nearby (whom takes care of me throughout this pregnancy) pesan jangan pakai baju lawa-lawa macam nak pergi jalan-jalan. So, baju macam mana yang sesuai? Shirt or blouse with front buttons? Do I need to wear kain batik terus ke macam mana? I'm not a fashionista but the thought of wearing kain batik in the public tickles me because I'm not a kain batik kind of girl. Kang kalau terlondeh macam mana? Tak pasal-pasal viral kat Fb *blush*

I did a lot of readings & stalkings (Lols!) on other expecting mothers' preparation for their hospital bags; what to bring, what type of bag(s) is/are suitable, how they arrange all the stuff etc. It's fun observing others' preparation; it's like we're getting ourselves ready for a very important mission. And indeed it's an important mission after all!

For our Little I's hospital bag, we packed her necessities according to days & needs:-

Thank you for Little I's diaper bag, my Sister / Ummi Za!

Little I's First Outfit
- Long sleeve shirt & pants
- 1 newborn (NB) PetPet diaper
- Receiving blanket
Little I's Extra Outfits (in case we've to stay longer at the hospital)
- 2 pairs of shirts & pants (short sleeves & long sleeves)
- 2 pairs of mittens & booties
- 2 pairs of wrappers (Bekung? Bedung? Yg lilit kat perut baby tu)
- 2 NB PetPet diapers

Little I's Extras
- Blanket
- Muslin cloth
- 1 pair of mittens & booties
- Beanie
- Handkerchiefs
Little I's Going Home Outfit
- Sleepsuit
- 1 pair of mittens (I don't include the booties as the sleepsuit itself covers the feet)
- Beanie
- Blanket
- 1 NB PetPet diapers

- Johnson's Bathtime set (baby wash, shampoo, talcum, lotion)
- Minyak Yu Yee Cap Limau
- Tropika Baby Herbal Cream
- 10 extra NB PetPet diapers (I packed all these separately & keep them in my luggage)
- Towel

I was told by many people to get the Baby's first outfit sorted earlier, pack siap-siap dalam nice sealed plastic bag (we got ours from Ikea)  so that dalam labour room after delivery nanti, just pass kat nurse je. Tak kalut nak dig into the bag & juga penting bagi mengelakkan kekalutan pada pihak suami/bapa.

A.H & I bought most of the stuff above at a Baby Fair when I was about 6m pregnant & before we had a detail 3D scan which revealed the actual gender of our Little I. All the while, we had a few 2d scans which made us think that our Little I might be a boy but tettt! Salah rupanya. Lols!

And to be honest, these are too colourful for my liking. Berwarna-warni betul & tak banyak pink. Should have sticked to all white; more gender-neutralism but it's okay. We still have many years to come to don our Little Daughter in pink. Hehe!

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