Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Because You Were Here In S.Alam

It just feels like yesterday I posted about my first Insurance Law test {which was on last Monday} & guess what? I'm going to have my second test tomorrow evening!!! *gelabah* 

And yes, you guess it right that I haven't started reading anything yet. Tak nak pisang berbuah dua kali tapi lemau study untuk first test hari tu tak hilang lagi kot, so macam liat banyak nak start study

My studying momentum, where art thou? -.-'

Plus, my mind has been occupied with some shocking serious matters which are quite confidential to be published here openly, I reckon. I know my blog isn't that famous but you can never tell who your readers are or who might stumble upon this blog someday ayte? Or maybe, I'd probably have to find some times to get them conveyed onto this space without sounding too much. Sigh! 

It's almost 3 & I've a Jurisprudence tutorial class at 4. Sempat lagi ni nak tido setengah jam. Hehe! Have a nice day, lovely people. Take care! 

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