Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Because I've Something To Rant About {No Matter How Useless It Is}

{credits to via tumblr}

Have 3 group presentations next week, all in 3 days in a row! Homaigod! :O No, I'm not complaining but I've started feeling cuak & restless. So, please expect some jiwa kacau-ed posts in the future ok? Merci!

Company Law presentation on Duty of Directors to Avoid Conflicts of Interests

International Law presentation on War in Afghanistan {2001}

Jurisprudence presentation on Post Modernism

Wah! The joy of being a final sem student, apart from having a set of bulging eye bags & an innocent tummy which keeps crying for nasi. Makan ayam penyet tak sah kalau tak mintak extra bowl of nasi atau kalau beli nasi arab dekat gerai Pak Mat belakang PTAR 2, mesti beli 2 bungkus & makan dua-dua sekaligus. Adakah ini tanda tumbesaran masih giat berjalan? Or am I turning myself into a whale now? -.-' 


Cik Fia said...

gud luck babeh.. :)

ihsan_huhu said...

it's abt time to become a fugly

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