Thursday, 24 March 2011

Of The First & Last Cousins In The Batch

I don't know what goes wrong with my hp memory card. It must be caused by something I did last evening that has made it writable only now. Haihhh! -.-'

Anyway, let's say 'Assalamualaikum & welcome to the world!!' to the latest edition of Pak Cu Lah's grandchildren. Alhamdulillah. Probably, the last one in the batch (he's 39th) as I can secretly tell that my Pak Su & Che Su are going to close their factory soon :P

The unnamed cute baby boy ♥ We think he looks like his elder sister, Balqis 

He was born on 20th March 2011 at Hospital Sultanah Zainab & weighs only 2.9 kg! Don't worry Baby, Cik Sue was also petite back then but look how big my appetite is now *coughs* And Nenek even once said that I was one ugly baby with hidung kemek, rambut ceracak & all! Here's the evidence

That was 10-month old me with my cousin, K'Ni a few days before she left for Al-Azhar Uni, Egypt

Now I know why Kakak loved to bully me a lot once upon a time. Mungkin tidak tahan melihat adik bongsunya yang umpama seperti kuih gomok? I was pretty much innocent & hapless but now no more! *shows muscles*

Btw Kakak, mungkinkah beliau juga akan menjadi mangsa buli seterusnya selepas Balqis & Azam (his elder siblings)? Kita nantikan! Lol! But yes, being bullies isn't nice & we're getting old. Might as well hand over this job to the younger cousins :P

Speaking of which, masa balik K.Bharu weekend hari tu sempat menghadirkan diri ke majlis perkahwinan Wan & K'Tah; my arwah first cousin, Ayah Mi's children in Machang. {he just passed away last January, al-Fatihah} Dorang buat majlis serentak for the brother & sister which I found is quite menjimatkan & fun!

It was raining, adding more sappy songs to the stomach

I miss you, lauk-pauk kenduri

The man in blue is my all time favourite uncle, Ayah Chik

Ayah Chik: Bakpo mari sore? Bakpo tok bawok cik abe sekali? {Why are you coming alone? Why don't you bring along your abang?}
Saya: Hehe! {Dalam hati, where got yet la, Ayah Chik? :P} 

The picture could have been better! Blame the bad lighting -.-'
From L to R: Kakak, K'Tah & the husband, Wan & the wife, the Mother & yours truly

Look at Wan! Lol!

Btw, both of the couples are in their long distance relationship {LDR}. K'Tah is working as a doctor at Hospital K.Terengganu while her husband is a lecturer at UNIMAP, Perlis & is going to further his Ph.D soon at Japan this May. Manakala Wan is currently working as a government servant at Putrajaya while his wife is working at Penang

Suddenly, LDR sounds so mean! As if I'm married & experiencing it la kan? Lol! But yes, me hate LDR too. Boo! :(

I wish all of them a very happy marriage life, blessed with a lot of cute healthy & smart kids like their parents & live in never ending barakah. Amin & InsyaAllah 

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