Sunday, 3 April 2011

Because He's The Most Important Man In My Life

The most important man in my life turns a year older today;

Happy birthday to Haji Muhammad B. Dollah slash Abah  Woot woot!

Semoga di panjang umur, di murahkan rezeki & di permudahkan urusan di dunia & akhirat. Thank you very much for all your care, guidance & advice in bringing me up from Jan 23, 198* {age is a still a sensitive matter to me. Hahaha!} until this very moment 

I grew up watching you preparing long texts of khutbah for solat Jumaat that eventually has inspired me to love reading & writing at a very young age. I guess that was the starting point that has led to what I'm doing now. It's true that Ma always wanted me to become a doctor *coughs* & you used to oppose to my passion to read law but things changed these past few years that without your never ending doas & restu, I won't survive this far

I'm so sorry if I'm not being the best product you ever wished for but I promise I'm & will try my best hingga ke titisan peluh yang terakhir to make both of you proud of me someday, InsyaAllah & Amin. I know I'm a stubborn anak bongsu {but at least I'm not manja kededek like Kakak righttt? :P} but I ♥ you so much that every time I'm thinking about you, I feel like crying. Sue miss you, Abah :')

Last but not least, would you please consider having non-Kelantanese as your future menantu? Huhuhuhu!


akakamu said... i manja kededek?haha
i miss abah so much walau dok dekat skali pon..

ihsan_huhu said...

fuh anak khatib ke ko nih?

soleil_m said...

another evidence u're manje kededek :P

na'am. perghh! tiba2 aku spekeng arab. lol!

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