Thursday, 7 April 2011

I Wrote A Letter To My Blog Because I Can

Dear Blog,

Hello! How are you? *wipes dust & cobwebs* First & foremost, I'm offering thousands of apologies for my attitude for abandoning & neglecting you these past few weeks. You see, the school has been too harsh on me with its seemingly never ending workload when my final exam is just less than 3 FREAKING weeks away. So mean rightttt? So tell me, when can I actually get my own sweet time to study?

Bagai diserang garuda 

So, you can pretty tell how my emotion running now; high & low and there were times when it's pretty much jumbled up in between. I'm so busy, tired, busy, tired, busy & tired that it makes me treasure my sleeping hours more than anything now. There were a few times when I voluntarily skipped classes {Family Law tutorial class this afternoon for instance} just because bed needed me more. Invitation to treat, they say & I just couldn't resist. Tsk!

It's true age is just a number but I beg to differ it by adding that you won't be old without having things called responsibilities put on your head. Getting old is one thing but getting easily tired is surely another & this comes from a person who hasn't even reached 1/4 of a century yet. I can't imagine if I were to  have 10 kids in the future with this petite body of mine. Might as well start to drink Anlene from now T_T

Kakak said my entries are getting shorter & more boring {lol! Since when la kan my blog is interesting?}. No matter how much I 
 to spend my time with you, I shall  my future more. Sobs!

Alright, I should be in bed now. Definitely don't want to look like a petite zombie during my pre graduation dinner tomorrow night although I might have already looked like one now

Pecah kaca pecah gelas,
It's ok, you don't have to reply this

Yours truly,
Mendung Soleil M

One of the lame things I would do when I'm stressed. Credit to Inte's bunga

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ihsan_huhu said...

nih anak garuda belom akil baligh nyer serangan je tuh

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