Friday, 15 April 2011

Of Having The Very Last Class For BLS {Hons}

The study leave officially starts today {at 12.30 pm to be exact, right after our almost 4 hours of Company Law replacement class}. I didn't realize how emotional the moment could be because we were so busy chit chatting, laughing & taking pictures like there's no tomorrow until Ray mentioned that she purposely wore nice baju kurung to the class as a significance to bid farewell to Bach. of Legal Studies {Hons}

Aloh, sayu la pulok raso! Sobs!

Me, on the other hand, wore any baju & tudung my hands could grab because sleeping at 3 something am before the class spoiled my mood to bersiap a bit :P

And because I'm a type of student who can't live without having a pencil case full with colourful pens, highlighters, stapler, colourful film index etc, me & my partner in crime, Mira went to this one book shop at  to Sect 2 after the class. We spent almost 30 minutes there & went home being happier Soleil

Oh, it appeared to me last night that incomplete stationery set does equal to grumpy me. Grumpy seorang diri pada musim peperiksaan memang mengundang padah kerana biasanya ke-grumpy-an itu akan berakhir di atas katil, di temani bantal yang empuk. Not good y'all -.-'

 It's so easy to make me happy, I just realized that :')

Anyway, have a great happy weekend, people! I know I'm going to have a very tough one; Qadha tidur v books. Let's pray the latter would win alright? Amin..

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ihsan_huhu said...

nature will always win. sleep will prevail!

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