Monday, 30 May 2011

Lalalala Lalalala Elmo's Song

Do you have any song that once in a while randomly played in your head? Contohnya masa tengah baca buku or online, tiba-tiba lagu itu berkumandang di dalam kepala. It doesn't necessarily need to be your favourite song yet it could remind you to something happy, pleasant & far away at Lala Land

For moi, it's Elmo's Song! :D

Tok tau la bakpo sokmo dok teringat dale palo mek ni -.-'

Although Cookie Monster has always been my favourite Sesame Street character {hence my nickname}, I've to admit that Elmo has all the charms! His husky voice & easy laugh, his happy & positive attitude & friendliness are just so cute! Will definitely introduce him to my future niece{s}/nephew{s} & even my own kids some day!

Tapi nanti bila dah masuk 40 & above, ada gathering dengan kawan-kawan lama especially colleagues from UiTM, sesuai ke kalau anak kawan-kawan saya address saya as 'Aunty Cookie'? @.@ 

Elmo's colourful siblings; cute beyond any reasonable doubt!

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