Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I'm Officially A Grand Nanny Now :')

It feels just like yesterday when I doted my kitten, Citan like menatang minyak yang penuh. I remember featured her on my old blog a few days before I started my attachment at Sessions Court of Kota Bharu May last year & jokingly said that I would like to smuggle her into my bag & carry her with me from one court room to another. It was because she has black & white furs! :D

 2 month old Citan & yours truly

Now 12 months have passed, Citan is no longer an innocent cute furry ball like she used to be. Ini kerana dia baru sahaja selamat melahirkan 5 ekor kittens pada pagi tadi. How fast time flies, I'm officially a grand nanny now :')

Tapi Allah lebih menyayangi seekor kitten itu as he/she left us before I got a chance to see him/her this evening. Sobs! Allah knows best kan? Maybe it's the best for Citan as 5 freaking kittens are too many to handle {I think?}. Tapi 4 kittens tu pun sudah banyak, macam penat juga la nak produce susu untuk mengenyangkan perut kesemuanya -.-'

Citan is such a motherly female cat I tell you. Dia sangat penyayang, comel je dia babysit 2 ekor adik-adik dia. Siap angkut si Odie Jr. nak bawak lari mana ntah. And kejadian itu berlaku di hadapan mata saya semalam

Cool down Citan, your time has come now

Oh btw, these are Citan's younger brothers, aged 1 month & a half. Truth be told, although we do love cats so much, biasanya tak ade la bela more than 6 kittens at time. Now ada 9, rasa macam banyok ginumo!

 Moo {just decided to call him that like a few seconds ago} & Odie Jr.
This picture was taken right before their nap time sebab tu Odie Jr. sedang menguap manakala Moo sedang lena di atas ribaan saya yang banyak lemak empuk

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ihsan_huhu said...

fuh la umah ko mcm cu gle je. silau aku tgk sofa tuh.

ps: grand=supreme or grand=massive?

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