Sunday, 3 July 2011

Of Cheek Biting, Ulcer, Bonjela & I Miss Eating Nasi

{Diclaimer} It's true when people say, 'sick person goes grumpy', so this is going to be a whining post. Please bear with me or you can just simple click the red X symbol on top of your window. Thank you

Oh, before that .. 

Hello gorgeous!

I got all teary & emotional early this morning due to this very painful cheek biting that I've been suffering since 2 days ago. Not able to swallow anything smoothly {including my own saliva} has made me so hungry, in pain & worst, a slight fever

I even could feel that there was a campfire inside my mouth! Badan panas, nak tidur pun tak lena. Should have put a wet towel around my neck. I then cried like a baby cutting her first tooth {but mine is the long awaited wisdom teeth} sebab biasalah, bila sakit tu perasaan jadi unstable kan? 

Malam tadi alone nangis 3 rounds, I'm such a cry cookie :(

For the first time during this holiday {minus the days I was away from home}, I didn't look after my cats pun semalam. I hope the super active duo, Putih aka Moo & Odie had a fun time yesterday climbing Ma's chilli plants & berlari ke sana ke mari macam tak cukup tanah. Wait la when I've time & kudrat, semua akan mandi mandatori tanpa kompromi

This isn't the first time I've had this kind of pain though. When I saw doctor regarding this matter in 2008, the medicines that I received were a packet of pain killers, a tube of Bonjela & some panadols. Tu yang macam malas nak pergi klinik. Ke doktor kat Pusat Kesihatan UiTM sokmo like that?

The brother-in-law & Kakak have been in Sabah since Thursday. So, instead of getting some nice souvenirs from there, I appreciate a tube of Bonjela more than anything now. And the fact that malam ni dinner kat luar sebab nak fetch mereka di airport tidak membantu sebab apa lah sangat yang boleh menyelusuri kerongkong saya sekarang. Makan roti cicah milo pun 15 minit baru habis T_T

Have a nice Sunday people! Take care of your health! And please pray that I'll recover quick, eh? Amin..


{she-who-must-not-be-named} said...

oh sian sungguh la ko sue. get well soon :)

ihsan_huhu said...

lapar sgt ke sampai makan pipi sendiri?

soleil_m said...

ho las ejatie. nok tiok sokmo raso. lps letih tiok baru sedak tido. lol!

maybe u can ask that q to my wisdom teeth?

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