Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Of Engagement & Wedding {Not Mine Of Course}

You know what can make me happy other than me being stuffed with happiness, happy cute cats & yummy food?

It's seeing my girlfriends' happy faces on their engagement & wedding! Omg! You don't need an expert to read what kind of facial expressions those are because seriously who won't be happy on the day they are tied forever to their loved ones? {unless you wed to someone you don't want to. That's another story *coughs*}

I need to let the pictures do their jobs before I get too emotional & menangis di tepian tingkap sambil melihat bulan mengambang di pagari bintang...

{Raihana & Md Abdullah}

I first met Raihana when I was 8 or 9, during solat terawih at the masjid near our houses. Since we went to different primary schools {she went to religious school}, the only times we could blossom our friendship were during fasting months. Comel je kan dulu-dulu boleh buat kawan mana-mana je. Oh, we even exchanged raya cards & I remember Raihana's sister pointed a mistake to my 'Assalamulaikum' that I spelt wrongly on her card. Masa tu tulisan jawi saya sangat fail :P 

Hasil dari pemerhatian di fb {based on 'I stalk thou because I care' policy}, Raihana's spouse is currently still studying in London {or probably dah habis} while Raihana herself just graduated from IIUM. Both of them are from K.Bharu nonetheless

Anyway, congratulations to both of them, they look perfect to each other & I pray for their ever lasting happy & blessed marriage. InsyaAllah  

{Yana Munir & Faiz}

Well, this one is totally a surprise! Yana is among a few first people I knew during the orientation week tatkala saya di zaman Pre Degree Law dahulu kala. Oh, I learned how to 'berkita-awak' from her & Anis la! Macam comel. Hehe! Walaupun semasa degree ini kami berlainan kelas, but kadang-kadang when we bumped into each other di fakulti, mesti borak for at least 1 minute

She's totally a sweetheart, Faiz is one lucky guy :')

Congratulations Yana. You look so gorgeous in blue! Sebab dah biasa tengok beliau ber'natural beauty je dekat fakulti, thus see her with make-up makes me realize what a grown up woman she's been! Nanti kahwin next year, jangan lupa invite kita. Walaupun Segamat seems so far awayyyyyyyyy & beliau pun belum ajak anyone, tapi I'll try my best to attend because I'm besu that way!

And last but not least..

 {Masleza & Muhamad Anuar}

Of course Kakak & the bro-in-law {BIL} aren't pengantin baru anymore but happy belated 3rd anniversary to both of them!  Semoga bercinta hingga ke syurga, Amin..  

Saya ingat lagi pre & post marriage punya penat sebab kami 2 beradik sahaja. Penat dikkkk bila siblings tak ramai ni which reminds me why Islam encourages us to have many children. Mungkin itu adalah salah satu hikmahnya, Allahuahlam

Tiba-tiba kedengaran suara di hujung tanjung sana bertanya, "Hang bila pulak nak langsung?". Haih! Usah di tanya  soalan itu, sangat menghiris hati & perasaan T_T

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