Sunday, 7 August 2011

Celebrating Khazan

It was my friend, Khazan's birthday a few days before puasa. So, being nice people we are *coughs*, we arranged a day out just to celebrate her being a year older! Woots! Thanks to Ain juga for the awesome home made choc cake. Rugi pulak tak tapau -.-'

I'd really love to call it a girls' outing but Husaini was there too. He left early anyway, mahu pergi memancing katanya. Memancing pada pukul 3 pm tatkala matahari terik di atas kepala? He got to be kidding! Kalau boleh mahu ajak semua rakan-rakan sefakulti & 1 batch yang tinggal di Kelantan but gathering them at one place sounds almost impossible

So, it was only me, Ain & Khazan on the pictures & akhirnya, dapat juga ber-girls' talk tanpa kehadiran Husaini. Lol! I did some make up hunts {if you can consider Maybelline powder foundation & lip gloss as make up} & God knows what I would buy if both of them weren't there to assist me :')

From L to R; yours truly, Khazan & Ain

Akhir kalam, happy belated birthday to Khazan Bakhtiar! We love you!

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