Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My First Time Sleeping At Hospital

The internet at home is still having her PMS at this moment!

We've lodged some reports to the TM Net guys for many times already but ini mungkin salah satu dugaan puasa. So, what else should I do but stop whining, sulking like a 7 year-old girl drooling over a shocking pink Barbie gown, telling myself over & over again that I can survive without internet & moving on with my life?

Oh btw, I'm currently teman-ing my Kakak at Hospital Pakar Perdana K.Bharu since last night. She came home 2 days ago during lunch break with many red itchy & swollen dots all around her body. Honestly, it did look funny at first but things got more serious yesterday afternoon that made her drive to the hospital alone without waiting me who was having a bath in the bathroom! Pftt!

She's doing ok now, don't worry. Sekarang sedang berbual-bual bersama staff beliau. Hopefully tomorrow dah boleh balik, InsyaAllah  

Sorry, my first time sleeping at hospital. Jakun banyak. Hehe!

The room is ok, I even have my own bed which is double nice. Sleeping at hospital isn't that bad ey? Hehe! Stadium Sultan Muhammad IV is just a walk away & there's a bazar ramadhan next to it. Must go there this petang! Yati Ayam Percik, wait for me! Oh, sebelah tu ada banyak khemah for solat terawikh, memang boleh dengar dengan jelas bacaan surah-surah

Pity the Brother-in-law has to sahur alone pagi tadi with only breads & milo. And hopefully all my cats are doing well home. Kesian kena catu makanan semua. Sorry kiddos, Mama terpaksa outstation

Both of us are missing our parents moreeee than ever now. They'll only be home this 11th & honestly, buka puasa without them is totally no fun. I miss seeing all kinds of delicious lauk-pauks on the table :'( 

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