Monday, 22 August 2011

Of Cats & Cars

It started with this status, posted by Kakak at her Fb early this morning;

Patutla masa sahur tadi dia tak join the other 4 makan, tidur dalam enjin rupanya {though Abah said it's impossible to sleep inside it, space yang dekat tayar la kot eh?}. Odie lompat keluar whilst the Brother-in-law driving the car to the office. Pandai je dia lompat depan masjid, beriman betul anak Mama. Huhu!

After reading the status, I quickly jumped out of bed to see Abah downstairs & told him what's happening to Odie. You should see my facial expression that time, I was worried sick like a granny waiting for her cucus to pulang beraya. Abah then went to the mosque & found Odie sitting facing the wall near one of the tiangs

Me & Ma then tried to put some ubat gamat {which works in healing our cats' injuries, based on our experiences handling such cases before. Wah, sound like doctors already. Hehe!} tapi Odie licked it off. Sigh! 

He's not feeling well since a few days ago, demam selsema & has blocking nose while sneezing non stop. Selera makan pun kurang. Sebab hidung dia blocking, so dia bernafas guna mulut & tercungap-cungap gasping for air. And now kulit hidung dia, dahi & mulut macam terkoyak. They're bleeding & he looks so sick & scared. Now he's sleeping on the sofa. Poor my baby :(

Malam tadi dia nak follow saya pergi terawikh, nasib baik Ma nampak dia. Dah la banyak kereta masa tu. Nak tercabut jantung saya melihatnya, so I quickly dukung-ed him before di lenyek kereta

Cats & cars; they can never be friends no matter how rhythmic they are ayte?

Get well quick, Odie & be galak as usual!

Malam ni all 5 cats have to sleep in their hostel back {curfew starts after Maghrib} because we couldn't afford to lose another cat after already losing 4 within a month. Kakak suggested that we bring him to the vet, sekali dengan si kecik named Adik slash Butak yang sakit mata. Inilah salah satu dari dugaan di bulan puasa T_T
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