Sunday, 21 August 2011


TMNet has been so kind lately that they decided to make us internet-less again this week! Sigh!

Me & my cousins, Amir & Kak Nun formed allies & kept updating ourselves whether the internet is working normal as usual. It was my turn to call 100 this time, so after putting the best voice & getting ready with a script of "Assalamulaikum. Hello. Saya nak buat aduan tentang internet.. Blablabla", I braced myself & called the number

Spent almost 15 minutes or more on the phone with the operator {a nice female & very helpful}, did all sorts of things; switching off the wifi modem, changing the username & password etc only to be informed later that they're currently upgrading their system


But now internet is ok, Alhamdulillah. He {I think it's a 'he' judging from the colour of the modem which is dark blue} better be good this time. Pada musim perayaan seperti ini, internet sangat penting

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