Thursday, 4 August 2011

You've Got A Mail

I love receiving mails {any type will do} but not of this kind! Yikes!

Received this letter of reminder a few weeks ago from a legal firm at Kuantan. Oh Tuhan, I swear the moment I saw the word 'Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhd', I could feel that I went pale all over the body! Nobody would definitely want to mess with me at that time, I reckon. Lol! Untuk mengekalkan kemachoan sebagai anak bongsu, I acted cool as coolblog {?} because it was time for dinner & everybody was home. Takkan nak tunjuk gelabah. Huhu!

In my defense, the method of payment was the main issue that caused to my delay in paying the bill. I was in S.Alam at that time & going to Celcom Centre for someone who relies so much on public transports *nods at Mira* is such a hassle. Plus, I even don't know where the Celcom Centre is, sebab biasa bayar kat kedai Celcom kat Plaza PKNS tu. And, the word 'enggan' stated in the letter, oh Tuhan, can it be more annoying than that? It wasn't that I don't want to pay the bill at all, saya cuma terlambat & ter'delay' sahaja. Hehe! :P

Anyway, esok tu terus pergi Celcom Centre kat Jalan Sri Cemerlang, K.Bharu. For countless of time already, Ma became my shining armour for paying the debt {of course it was a win-win situation sebab lepas tu saya teman beliau pergi macam-macam tempat :D}. Thank you very much Ma for saving my life again! I owe you big time & I you so much! Sesungguhnya kasih seorang ibu tiada sempadan :')

Akhir kalam, I've bid a permanent good bye to Celcom broadband for many reasons which I guess, are well known to many already. Huhu!


ihsan_huhu said...

rumah dapat cat free untuk raya nanti

fadzioriq said...

celcom centre kat SA is at Section 9 ye adik2~huhu
tp agak susah lah g tmpt tuh kalu xde transport~huhu
asal lah tak guna bayar online je kome nih, maybank2u ke~

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