Sunday, 18 September 2011

Carpe Diem 2011

We had a LL.B induction aka 'Carpe Diem' with the seniors yesterday morning which surprisingly turned out to be a great one!

It wasn't just like an usual boring & yawn-induced induction where you stuck in a room facing each other for hours, instead we were forced to use all our muscles & energy to run, run & run non-stop with a dose of shouts & cheers along the way. Habis terkeluar suara jantan mek :')

And our version of amazing race won't be complete without having a checkpoint where we had to answer some questions on Constitutional Law, Contract, Equity & Trust etc which we had learned them zillions years ago during BLS. Honestly, it was my least favourite part. Sorry -.-' 

I was supposed to wear red & white tapi sebab colour baju di dalam almari sangat terhad, menyebabkan saya terpaksa meminjam baju Syairah. It's maroon anyway, not red

I sweat like a pig pembakar sate yang sedang membakar sate & it did feel good & fun! :D Well, except for the keluh-kesah like "penatnyaaaaa" or "I feel like dying! Fuhh! *nafas keluar bak asap dari serombong kapal*" or "Oh my God!" & the aftermath maybe? Hehe! Obviously, my muscles aren't happy with it though & in fact, I've started feeling feverish akibat terkena hujan 2 hari berturut-turut beberapa hari yang lalu. So lemah my body. Mungkinkah harus minum/makan Scott's Emulsion? Tsk!

I think the best part of all is when our office/class won the race & also the class video presentation. Definitely worth every sweat & muscle pain I tell you, Alhamdulillah. Woots!

 Excited Shai & Throng

Group D {minus 5 people absent}
Daredevils; Do or Die!

The guys even went emo at the Fb group later. Hehe! But they've done such a great job at cheering us along the race & of course, by participating at the checkpoints! I like the dancing & Wii checkpoints the most btw :))

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