Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Happiness, Where Art Thou?

So, what the seniors have been telling us is true that life in LL.B is a very hectic one. It's just the second week of a new semester but I've already felt the pressure. And having lecturers who keep reminding us that our life will never be the same once we do our LL.B doesn't help either. Tsk!

Bila busy ni, mula la rasa stress & jiwa kacau kan? And sekarang duit mengalir laju macam air longkang selepas hujan, MasyaAllah! Gering mek! -.-' But some people do have their own way to stay at happy mode 24/7. My classmate, Throng is one of them

After Advanced Civil Procedure class this afternoon, while heading to our office at Level 7

Throng: Lalalala lala lalalala~
Me: Why are you so happy?
Throng: I'm always happy. You must be happy to be successful
Me: Yeah righttttt
Throng: There must be no reason why you shouldn't be happy *and continues giving lecture on the importance of being happy till we reach class*

Throng is right! I should be happier! So, I'll put aside all my problems for a while {or until I finish my LL.B} & start lalala lala lalala-ing from now on just like Throng!

The class finished at 10 pm tonight & I'm now a petite zombie with muscle pain here & there. Mungkin bukan zombie, but a robot. So, happiness, where art thou?
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