Sunday, 25 September 2011

Of Fresh Air, Bright Surrounding & Unknown Faces

I was on the phone with my Sister this morning when she asked "Bakpo tok update blognyohhhh?". Oh wow, what a fanatic fan I've now :P And Widee *waves at her* also said that my post is getting shorter now. Oh wow kali ke-2. At least I know some people still visit & read my humble blog ♥ 

Ok, kali ini mari kita post panjang-panjang sikit. Bismillah...

I'm a type of person who needs to study at different places at times, especially during emergency days i.e study week(s). I just couldn't stick myself on my chair at college & devote myself to it the whole semester like some of us do. I need fresh air, bright surrounding & unknown faces. Thus, the reason why I used to love studying alone at PTAR 3 & 4 {engineering libraries} nun jauh di Menara Kejuteraan UiTM sana when I was in Part 4 & 5 of BLS

Don't get me wrong, nothing fancy there except a few/some engineering students {mostly mechanical} studying with their girlfriends. Kadang-kadang, kalau ada nasib baik, terserempaklah dengan rakan sekelas belajar bersama rakan sekelas yang lain *waves at Yda & 'nama terpaksa dirahsiakan'* Lol!

 Camwhoring at the engineering surau :P

When I was 13, during a first few weeks after enrolling into boarding school} I found the concept of forcing students to study in preparation rooms was very alien to me. I hate the oh so crowded room {masa tu, Form 1 kena study kat study room kat hostel. Mengganggu Form 5 katanya } & let face it, there was nothing much to do or study when you were 13 but to sleep along the preparation class hours. Hehe!

So, guess what I did? I brought some books & tidbits, went to the back of the hostel near ampaian baju & studied there. There were even some seniors gave me this 'pelik sengoti budok ni' look whilst jemur-ing their bajus but I just didn't care. Or probably was too innocent to care? -.-'

I was very nerd & skematod back then & I'm proud of it. Luckily, it only lasted for a few times {I guess}. Bila naik upper form, liat la pulok study ni. Haih!

1 Fatimah during Durianthon  
Can you spot meeeeeeee?

Ok lah, I need to hit my empuk bed now. This is also one of the reasons that has refrained me from making friend with my books & note, you see? Esok plan dengan Mimi nak pergi office at 9 am. Harus lebih gigih kerana kerja banyakkk tapi satu pun tak jalan. Tidur, online, jiwa kacau & makan je yang mek buat. Tsk!

With some of my classmates {plus Diana from group E} during Faculty of Law Makan-makan Raya last Thursday. Bab makan pun kami gigih juga, sanggup stay back after class semata-mata nak makan free. Muka berminyak berlemuih tidak di hiraukan lagi :')
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