Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Please Pray For Her

Do you still remember the girl in the orange hijab above? Well, if you don't, I featured her in this post. This pretty girl's name is Najah Raihana Nazri & she's my maternal double cousin

I was somewhere far far away in LalaLand when Ma came to my room at 5 something am this morning & tell me that Najah or Along was admitted to ICU last night. I was having a hard time to focus at first but when the word 'pendarahan dalam otak' was mentioned which felt like a hard slap on my face, it brought me back to the ground & put me in a great shock :(

According to her Ummi, Along was just fine yesterday, attended her school's Raya celebration & was very in a jovial & happy mood. Petang semalam dia cakap dia sakit kepala & things got worse when she had sawan or epilepsy soon later. They went to Hospital Machang, Hospital Sultanah Zainab, Kota Bharu before the case is refererred to HUSM where she had undergone a 6-hour surgery early this morning

It's so heart wrenching seeing her Ummi & Mak Ngah cry. Dengar cerita dorang pun buat air mata bergenang. Ya Allah, besarnya dugaan dorang. I hope they can cope with it well...

I couldn't stop thinking about her all day long of the 'ifs', many possibilities that are still blurry & unknown, as well as her future. Will she recover & be the same old happy Along? Will she be able to go to school again?

Kesian Along, next week dah UPSR :(  

Cik Sue pray for your speed recovery, Along. Hold on there, don't give up yet & keep fighting ok? We you & will always pray for you... 

"Sesungguhnya orang Islam itu apabila menziarahi sesama muslimnya yang sakit, maka tidak henti-hentinya ia berada di tempat penuaian syurga sehingga ia kembali" {Hadith riwayat Bukhari}
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