Friday, 21 October 2011

Awesome Stuff Before The Graduation

It's my graduation tomorrow but the feeling isn't here yet. Probably because of this;

AWESOME rightttt? T_T

I haven't studied anything for my Criminal Procedure test this Monday & I really feel scared. Like real scared, bukan main-main scared like "Auwww! I'm so scared!"

Need to pack my stuff. The family is on their way from Ikea {yeah rightt! whilst anak bongsu sedang gigih menimba ilmu di sini, mereka bergembira di sana *nanges*}. They've been here since yesterday evening & lepas majlis esok terus pulang ke Kota Bharu as the Bro-in-law needs to attend a seminar/kursus the next day

Have a nice weekend, people. Assalamualaikum & take care!
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