Saturday, 19 November 2011

Baba Black Sheep

Salam & happy Saturday people! How are you today? :D

Just finished my Evidence Law Test 11 which needless to say was a blerghhh! And the fact that we just finished lecture on Section 9 yesterday everning added more salts to the wounds. Wuwuwuw!

I should really stop complaining & start studying for my Bahasa Melayu for Law test instead yakni yang di jadualkan esok pagi at 9 am. This is like sitting for SPM Bahasa Melayu paper all over again! Life has been so awesome that I feel like going back to kampung, wait for anyone yang sudi to come & pinang me

Btw, ini adalah jadual tests pada hari-hari mendatang. LL.B Part 1 is now at its peak -.-'

19.11 - Evidence Law 11
20.11 - Bahasa Melayu for Law
23.11 - Solicitor's Account
25.11 - Bankruptcy
26.11 - Contract Law
27.11 - Criminal Law {probably} + 10k Nike Run {does it mean we have to sacrifice this? Oh my Allah!}
28.11 - Conveyancing
29.11 - VIVA Conveyancing

Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) Graduation Day, 22.10.11
With the ladies that I've known since day 1 I was brought into this world

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