Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Because My Furry Friends Want To Capub Too

All my 4 cats; Citan, Tommy, Odie & Puteh demanded an entry specially for them {cats nowadays are so demanding. I wonder where they get that camwhore genes *coughs*} but since Citan is heavily pregnant now & Odie is demam selsema, maka mereka lebih suka tidur daripada bergambar

Saya: Smile Puteh smileee!
Puteh: *tries to show off her teeth*

Mi laff shleeping on Mama's laps *mamai*

Tommy muka sombong #1

Tommy muka sombong #2

Mentor & protégé
Look at the way they pose!

Saya: Dini, senyum senyum!
Dini: .....
Puteh: Hey hey! Look at miiii! Don't steal mai limelight!

Puteh: Nak salam nak salam
Dini: .....

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