Monday, 28 November 2011

UiTM Mock Trial The Musical

It was a very stressful week {as always} & I was in a desperate need to get some injection of free & fast {not to forget, cheap!} entertainment during the weekend. So, when my friends came to our class & offered some tickets to UiTM Mock Trial on Friday night {I had 2 tests on that day}, it didn't take me too long to raise my hand & buy it

Well, if the ticket wasn't RM 3 per ticket, I would probably have taken some time to consider it. Hehe!

It was UiTM's first mock trial ever conducted & thus, we couldn't expect anything from it. Plus, it was musical, not just a boring dull serious tensed mock trial that you often watch elsewhere. Dalam kepala, dok imagine scene dalam Glee! And since our sisters & brothers from other Law Schools {i.e UM, UKM, UIAM & USIM} had conducted such trials for countless of time before, me & my friends were quite excited to watch it live at our own ground for the first time

Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor, UiTM

Beli tiket lambat, maka haruslah seat nun di Level 2 sana but since there were other LL.B colleagues {about 20 of us or probably more} sat together with me, lantas berasa seronok & gembira sebab boleh gelak secara berjemaah

Giving instruction to MiraLulula

If you're not familar with 'mock trial', it's an act of what's happening during the trial in the court with the presence of a judge, a bench of prosecutors & defence counsels each, court interpreters, the accused(s), victims & witnesses

Sounds boring? ;) Worry not as mock trial won't usually be conducted in a very strict manner. Put aside all your knowledge on civil & criminal procedure, evidence, criminal & trial advocacy etc for a while as this is the time to relax & enjoy the drama!

It started with a scene where the wife, Kasih was so upset with the husband, Amir for coming home late on their anniversary's night. Amir went amuk & left his wife alone. A few hours later, he was found dead with other evidence found in his car. Kasih was the main suspect/acused since she was the last person seen with Amir

They even had Imran Ajmain singing 'Seribu tahun' during the first scene & Fadzley Yaacob at the closing

The next scene was the proceeding in the court. The arrival of the judge, solicitors & other members of the court was done in such a musical dramatic way. I couldn't imagine if this would happen in the real life. Imagine seeing the usual serious looking legal people dance & sing around. Each solicitor has different character & even the witnesses called before the court were freaking funny

My favourite among all were Dr Alisya something Kunci who conducted the post mortem on Amir & also Datin Paduka J'J.J, a doctor from Hospital Universiti Tanjung Rambutan. And I think, my junior, Aminu did a very good job as a judge. Kelakar tak tahan with his Chinese dialect ala-ala Johan Raja Lawak :D

It was so fun & some of them can sing very well! Tak sempat rasa busan sebab banyak lagu-lagu & moves around the stage

Well, it was found out later that Amir actually had a gay partner {couldn't remember his name} & a few scandals {one of them was his wife's bestfriend}. He died after being hit by his partner on the head with a helmet & mencurahkan clorox ke dalam mulut Amir kerana tidak dapat menerima hakikat bahawa Amir mahu meninggalkan beliau selepas mendapati Kasih hamil. So, the accused in this case tak lain tak bukan was Amir's gay partner & bukan Kasih bt. Kasihan

Overall, I would rate it 8/10. Mungkin perlu pendekkan sikit durationnya from 2 hours to 1 hour & a half. Lagi satu, sound system at Level 2 agak kureng kadang-kadang menyebabkan kami terpaksa membuka telinga luas-luas untuk menghayati dialog

Anyway, we're so proud of our juniors for doing such a good job #tepukangemuruh & it was actually fun to spend some time chillex pada malam minggu with your friends & even some seniors yang dah bekerja pun did come. Tqvm to those who came, especially from other faculties & universities. Penuh 1 hall! WOohoO!

Qouting Yana's brother; 'Bosan gila budak law. Malam minggu pun tengok mock trial' -.-'

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