Saturday, 3 December 2011

Dam Dam Dum

I just realized that we actually have 13 subjects this semesters, not 9

And to think about the keluh kesahs & dramas I had during my BLS, oh mannn! Seriously, they were nothing to compare with we've having now! *all LL.B Part 1 & 2 students shake heads together dengan penuh setuju*

So adik-adik BLS {I know there are some of them follow or read my blog. I'm so honoured. Tqvm!} enjoy yourself & don in any baju as colourful as you can to the class. You're going to miss them, believe me

Been there, done that. Fuhh!

But I should consider myself very lucky for having lots of fun people in my class/office. Every person {there are 4 firms in each group & I'm from Firm 1} has their own characters; singers, dancer, the nerds, the 'do you happy with your firm? Do you want to join my firm? I want to expand my firm so that we can divide the workload', the nala, the drama queen, the clown, the one with a lot of food & tidbits, the tidy guy etc

They complete my dull black & white world, I love them alllllll! *blows flying kisses to everyone*

Anyway, these are some pictures taken on 29 October, where we had to stay at the office till 11.30 pm on Sunday night to complete our Conveyancing file. Gigih semua orang tapi the following day, one by one was down with fever. I was among a few early ones to get MC. Lol!

Tempat pertama di menangi oleh Iqram Cheqa Carlos, kedua Akmal Bella Luna manakalan tempat ketiga di kongsi oleh 2 orang peserta iaitu Fiqah & Ezzah {go go Firm 1 Conveyancing & Bankruptcy Dept!}. To my Senior Partner, Yana. It's ok, you can try to jump higher next time. Nanti kita berlatih lompat secara berjemaah eh? Apok sebagai the only male partner in our firm can lead us I think? Lol!

People from Firm 3, without Kak In, Nobby & Cheqa

My table tatkala kekusutan & kesibukan melanda. Please don't judge. I'm not that messy, I swear! T_T
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