Friday, 30 December 2011

Dear Self, Why Are You That Lazy?

I don't know why my study progress is very slow. Like seriously Suria, do you only need to study 1 chapter per day? You think you only have 1 paper this semester? You think by getting 49 for Civil ongoing mark can make you goyang kaki all the way?

Banyak sangat benda yang melarakan lately, MasyaAllah -.-' Somebody please pinch my cheeks real hard!

Hopefully, by putting this up will put more gusto to myself. Or more like a self harsh reminder that if I don't get serious now, I can 100% assure myself that I'm going to be deadpan gelabah next week. Heh!

6.1   - Bahasa Melayu For Law
9.1   - Law of Evidence
12.1 - Advanced Criminal Procedure
15.1 - Advanced Civil Procedure
18.1 - Remedies {Contract, Tort & Bankruptcy}
23.1 - My birthday. WoOhoO! :D

I'm hereby giving a permission to anyone to pinch me if you see lepak-lepak or termenung anywhere. This girl has got to studyyyyyyyyyyy!
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