Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Was on ym with my Sister just now when she forced our cat, Tommy to join the video call. I've been missing him heaps & the fact that he's getting fatter, fatter, fatter & fatter makes me want to go home & gomoi-gomoi him!! Gerammmmmm!

So clever this furry fat guy. Muka tekun cannot blah! Lol!

Mesti dalam hati Tommy, dia berkata-kata "Oh mai Goddd! Waiii Mama's in the glasssshh? Sambadi plishh get her out of hirrrr! Ai wuv Mama! Ai want to kishh her!"

Auwww! *melts* :')

Walau pada hakikatnya, Tommy is not that romatic pun which is a lucky thing for us. Kalau tak, nanti dia jadi kasanova like his big brother, Odie yang menjadikan rumah kami sebagai hotel/rumah tumpangan

I you, Tommy. Wait for Mama, ok? *gomoi-gomoi dari jauh*

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