Thursday, 29 December 2011

I've 2 New {Furry} Friends & Their Names Are Tom & Jerry

Not in the best mood these past few days. My mind has been clouding by something worrying & the progress of my studies is so slow. Had the same pattern of dreams for some nights; about him, my past & the upcoming final exam. I feel demotivated. Like very demotivated & I don't know why I'm crying whilst typing this

Depress much? Or perhaps, this is just another episode of homesickness. Sigh!

Couldn't let myself flunk any paper or I would be in a great trouble next semester. Advanced Civil Procedure makes me go gering & worries me most :( Ya Allah, help me to go through this with ease. Amin...

Btw, meet my new furry friends! I haven't had any name yet for them but for now, let's call them Tom & Jerry! :D

They live in a box in front of a room on a ground floor. Banyak kali melawat mereka tapi banyak kali jugalah mereka tiada di dalam kotak, contohnya macam malam & tengah hari tadi. Tuan empunya bilik cakap kadang-kadang the kittens will be in her room. Takkan mek nak ketuk bilik dorang pulak kan? :(

Imagine this; *knocks on the door* "Assalamualaikum.. Boleh saya berjumpa dengan anak-anak kucin?"

That will be pretty lame ayte?

 Sorry loves, you're so cute that I had to wake you up  
But the yellow one didn't bother at all with our presence. Penat stay up ke dik?

Look at his/her left leg! He's trying to push me away. Hahahah!

At last, one decent pict of us

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