Sunday, 18 December 2011

Of Furry Adik-adik

Read Ejatie's blog about her Adik & that makes me miss my {furry} Adik-adik too

August, 2011

I miss my late cat, Puteh. I miss this duo, Puteh & Odie Jr. I miss seeing them chasing each other although it often caused chaos to our kitchen. But we didn't mind because they made us happy. I miss them, I really do. Looking at the pictures above makes my heart ache :(

Living in a petite famille of 5 {plus the brother-in-law} makes us appreciate cats more than you can imagine. I can't imagine life without cats & you've to admit that they're the second cutest things in this world! Well, after cute babies & cute guys it is. Lol!

Time to hit the books. Walaupun masih banyak yang belum di cover oleh mek, tetapi dengan selambanya mek telah tidur selama 9 jam malam tadi. Sleepyhead is at her best when it rains! WoohOo!

All the best to all LL.B Part 1 for our Advanced Criminal Procedure common test tomorrow. Semoga di permudahkan urusan kami, Amin & InsyaAllah. It's a 3 hours & a half test which will start at 7:30 am. So hopefully no grumpiness, sleepy-face, I-wannnaaa-daiii etc coming from us tomorrow. Hehe!

And hopefully, out of 200 marks, mek mampu la score better than the previous test. Amin.. Too malu to reveal the markah here, you know? Wuwuwu!

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