Monday, 26 December 2011

This Blog Is A Circus

Do you notice a major change to my blog layout? Do you do you do youuuu?

I'm getting bored with my collection of blog headers, some of them are just too childish for my liking. Maka, seiring dengan pertambahan umur *coughs*, I opt for something simpler instead :D

For self reminiscing purpose, here are my some blog headers from the past

Taken from Google. Credits to my Sister for informing me about this. Terus mek printscreen

The most childish header that I ever made. Siap kepala kucin bagai. Hehe!

Among my favorite. I've fetish with black frames, I don't know why

It's still holiday, isn't it? So, apakah agenda anda pada petang Isnin yang berbahagia ini, rakan-rakan? Kalau ikut rasa hati, mahu sahaja mek tidur but I've Viva Conveyancing the first thing tomorrow morning & I still have 3 files yang perlu di hafal steps nya

Have a nice day, people! Take care!

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