Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Would You Keep Her In Your Doa, Please?

After some persuasion from Syairah & Yana, I finally spent some time to watch The Sister's Keeper for the first time last 2 weeks

I'm not a big fan of sad ending movies, let alone those with perplexing story lines that require criticial thinking with dup dap dup dap moments {I've had enough of those at Law School. Not exaggerating but true story. My heart needs a rest too you know?} but this one is rather an exception

It's about the siblings & parents' unconditional love having a daughter with leukimia. The storyline was beautiful; a great combination between medical stuff & law. Being over sensitive me, I couldn't tahan my air mata from mengalir a few times. Well, of course after checking that nobody's looking. Hehe!

A few scenes had reminded me to my relationship I've with my Sister, the one & only sibling I've after the demise of my 2 elder siblings in 1993 & 2005

Kakak & I were born 5 years apart from each other with 2 different sets of characters & personalities. She's more manja yet tegas, always bubbly, can perfectly minggle with anyone she meets while me, I'm shy & reserved. I do love making friends but too shy {well, again} to make a move. Or perhaps, I should blame the lack of social skill in me? Need to speak & be more ramah-tamah next time!

We always had something to argue & needless to say, being weak me *coughs* I was the one who ended up being a victim. Countless of time after our heated arguments, I cried alone in my room like nobody's business & then Ma came to pujuk me

Sadddddd! #nasibsibongsu. Nonetheless, I still love her! Bak kata pepatah, air di cincang tidak akan putus

Anyway, Kakak's going to have a surgery at HUSM tomorrow morning. She's been admitted since Monday & tonight, she spends her second night at the ward by sharing a bed with Ma. Auww! So cute! I can imagine them cuddling each other like 2 kittens. Hehe!

Would you keep her in your doa, please? I really appreciate that, tqvm! May the surgery go well without any complication. Amin & InsyaAllah...

Us, last Eid
The Two Ladies that mean a world to me
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