Friday, 20 January 2012

The End of 12 Days Of Academic Torture

 6.1   - Bahasa Melayu For Law
9.1   - Law of Evidence
12.1 - Advanced Criminal Procedure
15.1 - Advanced Civil Procedure
18.1 - Remedies {Contract, Tort & Bankruptcy}

Cramping 3 subjects into your brain in 2 days, it was very tiring beyond any reasonable doubt!

Honestly, I was very close to jump myself into that 'I give upppp!' hole. I was tired, mentally & emotionally drained to the extent of having that congak-congak in my head berapa lagi marks that I need to pass that Remedies paper

Sungguh tiada motivasi diri di situ, I know but I couldn't let my Parents down. Not after what they always do to me every time I sit for my paper. Whilst I'm having a battle in the exam hall with my pens, question papers, answer scripts {and sweaty hands for overloaded nervous}, the Parents will be on their praying mats praying & reading Yaasin for me. Auwww! :')

I'm so afraid to think of my result. I won't get surprised if I've to repeat any paper, Law of Evidence especially. Tapi tell me, sapa la nak repeat kan? Nauzubillah... Sesungguhnya mek & kawan-kawan berasa sungguh takut sekarang. Maka marilah kita berdoa rakan-rakan LL.B ku sekalian semoga kita berjaya dengan jayanya. Amin...

30 minutes after the last paper. WoohOo!
Look what the final exam has done to me, jejerawat here & there & also eye-bumps

Went to our Forensic Science lecturer's house in the evening
Alangkah indahnya jika kami ke sana untuk minum petang sambil makan kueh lapis & keropok sira sambil pipi di sapa angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa. Realitinya adalah untuk persiapan bagi Criminal Trial & Advocacy mini trial Sabtu & Ahad ini *shivers*

Hady loves cats & Pak Pin, the cat loves him too, I assume

Buat kerja, lepak-lepak, makan-makan sambil bergosip di McD Sect 2 bersama ahli-ahli firma saya yang bijaksana. By the time we finished everything at 10.30 pm, we were already half zombies -.-'

And apparently, sleeping for 9 hours that night didn't help at all. I need more!

Tiba-tiba mereka bertukar menjadi pemalu pada petang itu


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