Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Marilah Menuju Kejayaan

When I was a secondary school girl, I always wanted school to finish as fast as it could. My thoughts of life post SPM mostly on freedom; no prep classes to attend, no duty roster to follow, no tastless dining hall food, no lights-off, no room cleaning on Thurday evenings, no long queues at public telephones etc. I was so eager to venture the world outside the school gate & couldn't wait to ditch my school uniform away. I had plans in my minds & everything was so fun & indah

 Hari Kecemerlangan SBP Zon Timur in 2003
After a tragical lost to SMACH. Bahahah!

But I was utterly wrong

Little that I know, life after that phase has got more to offer. Life is all about making choices & consequently, to face the music for every wrong decision made. There has been a few twists {or perhaps many} a long the way which some of them are so bitter & not worth to remember

But it's the journey that has moulded me into what I'm today & regardless the pain I had to bear, there are lessons to learn beneath them. Alhamdulillah :)

Ini adalah kelaraannnnnnn. Esok pagi adalah Advanced Criminal Procedure paper & daku masih sempat lagi meng-update blog ya? You think you know everything arr, Suria? You think you've memorized all the cases arr? -.-'

All the best to my Honours friends. Marilah kita menuju ke arah kejayaan! Semoga di permudahkan urusan, Amin...

And oh, happy belated birthday to my classmate, Anas! At least I know ada lagi orang tua dari saya di dalam kelas itu, other than Cheqa & Kak In B-)

30.12.2011; Cheqa, Anas & Juwe
Melara secara berjemaah selepas Viva Conveyancing

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