Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Of Birthday Dinner

2 days ago, I saw Kakak brought home a Gulati's paperbag & found out later that the kain pasang {so brightly beautiful!} is for the Brother-in-law's sister's birthday, Kak Nurul {Happy birthday Kak Nurul!} I instantly entered into that cemburu mode because Kakak hasn't got anything yet for my birthday. Sobs!

Sulky adik bongsu mode: ON :((

Of course I didn't make it obvious. Imej macho haruslah senantiasa di jaga walaupun di dalam hati perasaan bergelora. But Kakak can really read my mind {being her roommate for 12 years gave me benefits at last :P} as later I received a text msg from her that we're going to have a family dinner that night :D

I was hoping for another makan-makan place but Kakak said this is the nearest & easiest we could get since it's just 5 minute drive from home & we went there after Isya'. Tu pun dorang dah call dah tanya bila nak sampai. "Lauk sejuk doh ni Puan" ujar mereka

Ikan bakar or chim chum, next time perhaps? Or I just can goda my girl friends to bring me there

The Parents

Does it only me who think that Ma looks a few years younger than her real age? She's 58 this year btw. And Abah memang tak suka pandang kamera, I don't know why

 The Brother-in-law, Abewa & the Kakak
I think, the Brother-in-law needs a special entry solely about him only. Soooon!

Rasa malu tersipu-sipu pulak bila Abewa mentioned 'birthday girl'. Gegurl sangat bunyinya & mek rasa title itu mek tidak layak lagi menyandangnya :')

The belated birthday girl with the one who endured all the pain to bring her into this world

But I was a small baby {less than 3 kg! Fuhh, so slim oneeee!}, so hopefully I didn't give her much pain back then, as compared to 3.++ kg Kakak. Hehe!

No birthday cake this year, but that was enough to make me happy! Alhamdulillah :D

Anyway, tqvm to Kakak for the dinner treat! For your next year's birthday, let it be on me pulak, InsyaAllah. And I think I'm going stick to my previous request for my birthday present, which is *drums roll* .... RAM for my oh-so-slow laptop! Please please please?

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