Saturday, 4 February 2012

Of Being Lawyer-ed

I remember during the first lecture when I was in Pre Degree Law programme, UiTM {or now known as Asasi Undang-undang}, some legal terms like 'mens rea' & 'actus reus' made my mind goes perplexing & I even had difficulty to differentiate between that two. They were like alien words to me & sorry, I speak no alienishueywexgjgt

Man, that's one good thing to laugh about now. Bahahahahah!

Life was so simple once upon a time. During Pre Degree Law, rasa macam susahnya core subjects ni, walhal apa la sangat kalau nak di compare dengan Bachelor of Legal Studies (BLS) & LL.B Honours. Nanti bila dah kerja {InsyaAllah}, mesti kelakar bila reminisce semua penat lelah keluh kesah ini

That's a part & parcel of life. After all, life is all about learning :)

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