Friday, 24 February 2012

Jalan-jalan At Kuching {Part 1}

I think I need to do a series of proper posts of my recent trip to Kuching although I know they will make some of you feel muak because of overloaded pictures uploaded. Hehe! I'm trully sorry but I don't go to Kuching every month & it's not just situated over the bridge, hence it really deserves a proper post ayte?

Plus, documenting things at my blog is a ritual. I can't simply escape this one :)

Now I know why people can go on, on & on with the stories of their trips, to abroad especially. Mek yang pergi dalam Malaysia ni pun rasa excited, ini kan pula going to places you've been wanting to visit for ages kan? The foreign lands are quite interesting places to explore. Even going to their McD could give you a different feeling :)

So, I'll start with the less important part first, which involves our journey to Kuching on 19th February. Less important tu maknanya masa ni duit masih tersusun rapi dalam purse. Lol!

{ 19 Feb 2012 | Day 1 | Part 1 }

Our flight to KLIA was at 6:30 a.m & the next flight to Kuching was at 12.25 p.m. I had a lack of sleep the night before, pakai contact lens pun pedih mata mek. Maka waktu terluang di dalam kapal terbang di manfaat sebaik mungkin yakni tidur

So much of having only 2 hours of sleep

The view of Kota Bharu, early in the morning

We arrived at Riverside Majestic Hotel around 2 something p.m. The hotel situated about 20 minutes drive from Kuching International Airport, less than 5 minutes walk to Kuching Waterfront & also a line of souvenir shops. Shopping malls juga terletak berhampiran, bagaikan markah bonus di situ

{image taken from the hotel's website}

Every room has a flat screen tv, so I had no problem staying alone from 8 a.m till 5 something p.m whilst Kakak attended the meeting in the same hotel building. Other than the junk food which had kept me occupied, bantal-bantal yang empuk juga menyumbang kepada faktor-faktor survival tinggal seorang diri di dalam bilik

Kakak didn't allow me to explore the town alone, bahaya katanya. So, after meeting barulah mek boleh menyaksikan panorama bandar Kuching. Makan tidur tengok tv, makan tidur tengok tv; no wonder la rasa pipi ni macam kembung terlebih -.-'

The ultimate purpose that brought us there

Got to meet some important people from various backgrounds, mostly from SPRM, PTN & PTD. Nama lagi meeting orang-orang gomen kan? I think I was the youngest one in the trip & I actually enjoyed the attention I had received from them. Mostly pangkat ayah-ayah dah pun. Well, if you get what I mean. Lol!
{To be continued}

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