Saturday, 24 March 2012

Carpe Diem 2012

Had Carpe Diem or LL.B (Hons) Part 1 Induction with the juniors today. Since we were Johan Keseluruhan for last year's Carpe Diem, we were honoured to be the organizer this semester, working hand in hand with the other 7 LL.B Part 2 groups

Had fun meeting & cheering for the juniors, especially during the amazing race & tumpang gelak ketawa kalau ada perkara lucu. Oh, the joy of able to forget the workloads for a while :) Johan Keseluruhan goes to Group B but I'm glad Groud D won the amazing race! Like seniors, like juniors ayte? Hehe!

Took some pictures but I'm not dare to waste some times to transfer, resize & edit them now. I've 2 assignments & a presentation ought to be submitted this Monday. Next time la, kalau rajin, tak pun kita menumpang kasih dari gambar-gambar yang di upload di Fb

Should have gone back to college now, mandi & rest but here I'm, at the office. Advanced Criminal Procedure II assignment, please be kind to me yaaaa? Soalan je pun dah 5 pages, how brown cow?

I'm getting more boring, so does this blog

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