Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Of Umar's Future New Sibling

I've been laptop-less since Sunday selepas tragedi laptop adapter terbakar di pagi hari semasa mek sedang asyik membuat assignment. Lara sungguh! Planning to get a new one as soon as possible but ado kerja sokmo. Tak dan mek nak keluar

But I'm eyeeing on this one model, Sony Viao VPCEK26FG suggested by the Sister. Well, it seems like she's more excited than me that she kept flooding my inbox with some mms sambil jalan-jalan mensurvey laptop di K.Bharu sana. Survey jarak jauh katanya. Lol!
Couldn't find the exact picture but this looks so yumsss beyond any reasonable doubt
When it come to electronic gadgets, I've to admit that I'm quite bimbo. I mean, I tend to judge on its appearance per se, without taking into consideration on another important aspect. Tengok gambar di atas pun dah tahu kan why? :P

Tapi tadi mek dah study sikit dah pasal laptop & mensurvey pendapat classmates. Bimbo no more B-)

Do you have any suggestion guys? Patut ke mek stick to this bimbo decision? Or is there any better option you want to suggest? Budget RM1.7K please? Merci beaucoup! :D


Fitri Ezwan said...


in Lenovo we trust.


Leha Kebaya Jarang said...

slm; hehe...just blog walking...sy dah beli vaio e series ni...tp a model up sikit dr yg awk nak beli...sy pnh pakai vaio before tp rumah kena rompak so dah xde...vaio is reliable but if want the durable one you better buy dell.. lepas kena rompak tu sy guna dell...sampai skrg dah 3 tahun lebih x pnh ada prob...skrg pun 1,500 dah bleh dpt dell...vaio pun bleh juga...klu nak tunggu sale pun bole :) goodluck finding one...but dell is not a bad option~ just my 2 cents hehe

soleil m said...

in you i trust, so lenovo it is. tqvm for suggesting! :D

salam leha! tqvm for dropping by! i didn't but viao sebab my desired model tu only available in black & my previous laptop dh black. so, after considering a few factors, i bought lenovo instead, red in colour. there are so many options kan nowadays laptops ni, rambang mata nk pilih :D

Anonymous said...

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