Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sway Swayy Swayyy

I've this one habit of updating my blog at every opportunity had, even when there was a mountain-high of workloads/assignments waiting to sink me alive.

But today, I'm so malas -.-'

Anyway, tqvm to friends who are interested with the A-line skirts! :D Have received some reservations already that I'm running out of stock for black & grey skirts. So petang tadi top up lagi black & grey. Then ada lagi yang nak, so esok kena top up lagi nampaknya. Alhamdulillah. Seronok juga eh buat business ni, though my main intention niat ikhlas nak tolong kawan-kawan :)

Some people complained that I should upload the complete pictures of the skirts, not the ones yang lipat-lipat. Maafin, I'm such an amateur seller -.-' I've a few pictures of the skirts, including the orange one which I wore this evening, tapi malasnya ya ampun nak transfer, resize & edit. Penat barangkali. Tapi skirt tu saya rasa sejibik dalam gambar yang saya jumpa kat satu blogshop ni. Click here if you want to see it :) Credits to Lollysta

The material is cotton jersey, I think? Sorry, tak expert bab jenis-jenis kain. Huhu!

I don't want to believe that it's 1 March already. 2 days more & I'll be leaving home for S.Alam. Unlike! I want more holidays please? :(

Lupa nak mention, congratulations to all my juniors who have been accepted to LL.B (Hons) programme. See you in Carpe Diem, InsyaAllah


HaWa DArLidA said...

cik kuki skirt.. hehe hawa nk order.. light grey.. ada stock lg x?

soleil m said...


ada cik hawa. the last piece fortunately! :D

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