Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Berandom Adalah Lebih Baik

Have I told you before that you're going to see this kind of syok-sendiri photo for countless of time until the end of this semester? Bear with meeeeee! :D

I've lost my modjo in blog. Nothing interesting happened lately, maka berandom adalah lebih baik

1. Kerja banyak as usual. They keep coming & going out for lunch or dinner with classmates adalah pengubat duka & lara
2. Mid sem break starts on 20 April but I've a test on 21. So, burn sudah 1 hari cuti. Tsk!
3. In need of a makeover as I'm getting sick & bored with myself. Did you ever have that boring feeling, being unsatisfied your appearance to the extent of malas sudah nak tengok cermin untuk bersiap? Contohnya macam hari ini, I'm so lazy to put any bedak on my face. Hence, pale penguin I am
4. 2 of my firm mates, Kokmie & Eja are sick, poor them :( I pray may they will recover fast & join us at the offiice as soon as possible, Amin...
5. Will be having 2 assessments tomorrow; Civil Trial & Advocacy negotiation + Magistrial Skill Remand role play. So, you see why we need Kokmie & Eja ayte? :(
6. I'm a big fan of Pak Mat's nasi lemak kerang although I know it could cause damage to my almost never-exist diet
7. I bought The Sims 3 cd last Saturday but tak boleh instal la pulok. Satu hal la pulak kan nak pergi SACC Mall tukar time sibuk-sibuk like this
8. Haven't decided the place I'm going to do my pupilage after LL.B. 90% hatiku kuat menyatakan bahawa any legal firm di K.Bharu adalah pilihanku
9. Just received 2 mms from Kakak. We've a new kitten at home & warna dia ialah coklat & putih. Macam lembu sangat kan? Mooooo! :D 
10. The flu bugs are still happily staying in my body but that doesn't stop me from singing & entertaining my firm mates. Singing di sini bermaksud rapping anyway

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