Saturday, 14 April 2012

If You're Happy & You Know It, Let's Eat

Cheqa, yours truly, Yana {yang nampak hujung tudung je. Lol!} & Eja

Hainan Kopitiam, Sect 9, Shah Alam
Credits to Fareez S

Going out for lunch with dear classmates after a depressing test is like having a glass of air kelapa muda for break fast di bulan puasa. Lega tak terkata! And watching Cheqa, Yana & Eja singing out loud in the car tickled me till my sum-sum tulang. Happy people, we are!

Well, I did sing too. But you definitely can't tell whether I'm rapping, bersajak atau membaca

About the test, oh my! How should I describe it? It's still one-sided love T_T

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