Thursday, 10 May 2012


Will be home in K.Bharu during this weekend for an exam on Saturday. Please pray for me, people! Tqvm!

So, the plan is; I'll meet Dayah at KL Sentral before berkejaran to LCCT to catch our flight at 5:35 p.m. Part yang kena travel alone to KL Sentral tu mek kurang confident. Thinking of taking bus, instead of KTM. Just so you know, I've had enough embarrassing moments with public transport -.-'

And what time I should leave S.Alam, I wonder? Tomorrow's Advanced Civil Procedure class at 8.30 a.m is cancelled but I'm thinking to come to the office in the morning to finish off some work. Ke better duduk bilik diam-diam buat kerja & study?

I'm not used to have weekends without coming to the office. I should have had a mattress under my table

My table during weekend. Serabut is another word for busy

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