Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Last Two Days At S.Alam

Is it too early to admit that I've been missing S.Alam already, especially my dear classmates & roommates? But I'm missing them & still in denial that Law School is over for real this time. No more KB-S.Alam or S.Alam-KB journeys after this

Some of the batch mates are having holiday at Pulau Perhentian now & although I really want to join them, I know my family won't let me. Tsk!

Anyway, my last two days at S. Alam was spent in my room alone, packing & wrapping two boxes of books weight 20kg ++. Posted them home via KTM train which costed me RM60++. Murah la kot eh kalau nak compare guna normal post

Wrapping 2 boxes is not fun, I tell you. But luckily, I had Secret Garden Korean drama accompanied me

My shelter at Kolej Melati at 3B-01-38
I shared my room with my other 3 classmates, Shaf, Nicky & Nobby. 1 word to summarize it; FUN! I miss our random pillow talks & karaoke session the most, including those lara moments before tests or exam

Please excuse the kain buruk hanging at the window. I forgot to remove it. And those tompok-tompok on my bed, I swear the stains have been there for some reasons. Let's not jeopardize our peace mind with some gross imaginations etc. Euww, I know -.-'

Almost kosong sebab dah ramai yang balik

The view from the corridor near my room. Engineering students are so lucky, fakulti di tengah-tengah alam compared to Law Faculty nun di bawah bukit sana. Tsk!
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