Saturday, 25 August 2012

Another Open House

I believe everybody has a set of friends who they can act silly with & show their inner self without segan silu. I mean, who can make you laugh non-stop that it hurts your cheeks & jaw if it's not because that kind of set of friends ayte?

When I was in the primary school, I remember my young self as someone who loved to spend my time in the class doing the homework even during recess. My favourite subject was Bahasa Melayu {hahahahha!} & I wanted to be a scientist or lecturer. Once in a while, I invited my friends to come over to my house to do homework or buku skrap

During the first 3 years at the boarding school, I was nerd & timid. Every man was a 'pakcik' to me even the 17 year-old dining hall helper & I just didn't know how to communicate with boys because apparently, that's the bonus point of studying at the girls' school, well at least in my case. My fashion sense was nought & skema. During Form 4 & 5, my teenage hormones started to kick in & it was when I found my first love, found out that Add Math & Chemistry were enemies in disguise, started breaking the school rules but felt guilty & repent later

But I had no regret. At least I wasn't a boring person at all! :D

Mukadimah panjang, walhal nak cerita sixth day of Raya hari tu pergi rumah Ayuni Khalid's open house in Salor plus kenduri doa selamat as her younger brother is leaving for Ireland next month

Me, at my best
Had 2 bowls of soto, 2 bowls of bubur kacang hitam & 1 pinggan nasi. Open house, always my favourite!

With the Sains Pasir Puteh clan

Since Baei is working in K.Bharu, so we're going to be stuck to each other for the next 9 months

 The cikgus

With the tuan rumah
Tqvm Yuni for the good food. Next time, jangan lah serik & malu-malu invite kami lagi

Still the shortest even with the heels! :(( Yuni jinjit, so tidak aci di situ

The good for nothing co-pilot. At last, merasa jugak naik Preve

Looking at my cheeks yakni the yardstick to measure my chubbiness, I'm confident that I've gained some weights but who can say no to open housessssss ayte? Mungkin perlu lebih bertawadduk yakni dengan berpuasa enam

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