Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Of Shopping For Raya & Shoe Hunt

Went out shopping for some Raya stuff yesterday with the Ladies of the house, despite knowing that the town would be packed with people & cars. Brave decision, you may call. It was a public holiday, maka anak-anak di perantauan came home to puasa with the families

Decided to ditch the boring looking me in baju kurung & opted for a long flowy skirt
Feeling feminine la sikit walaupun tak feminine pong hakikatnya. Nyahaha!

Our first stop was Bazar Tok Guru which is situated in front of UiTM Kampus Kota Bharu, next to IPD Kota Bharu & Pejabat Tanah Kota Bharu & near Perpustakaan Awam Negeri Kelantan. We arrived there around 9.50 am but suasana was meriah already. This place is like a one-stop centre for visitors, to the ladies especially. Variety of tudung, kain batik, kain pasang, shoes, telekung sembahyang, baju melayu, jubah for ladies & gentlemen, kids' attires, handbags, barangan tembaga etc are availabe at cheaper & reasonable price

In other words, this is a place where your bargaining skill will be very useful ;)

The Mother

I didn't get myself anything there, though I should have really got myself a few serkups/anak tudung! I already have some raya baju kurung & a few tudung to match with the bajus, tapi anak tudung la pulok tak ada yang menepati citarasa sais kepala -.-' Need to buy some kerana raya tidak seronok tanpa adanya anak tudung yang awesome

The next stop was KB Mall to hunt for my raya shoes. Dayah, in her text said that I'm like a kid for still getting myself raya shoes. Pardon moi, nobody is too old for raya shoes ok? Especially if they're sponsored, which in my case, Kakak. Tqvm. So, how can you resist that? Hehe!

Look at that yummy colour! It reminds me to Paddle Pop Rainbow Ice-cream!
During our trip to Sarawak early this year, I nearly bought myself that Carlo Rino key chain.  If only it doesn't cost 2 notes of RM50. Boleh cover makan set ayam penyet at Wong Solo banyak kali

Mission accomplished

I would rather opt for a pair of black Carlo Rino flat shoes with some gold details but the Ladies think they look so normal for raya shoes -.-' But flat shoes are so comfortable & they cover the aurat too. I even can jump & fly with them, literally. They're also so handy when you're rushing for something, but not so height-friendly for 153-155 cm me *cries*

Now, let's pray that I won't stumble while walking in them this Raya alright?

Selamat berpuasa hari ke-18, kawan-kawan. May you've a blessed day, InsyaAllah. Going to have kerang rebus for moreh. I just love kerang :)

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