Friday, 10 August 2012

Pictures of Qiam With ME 1433H

Some people google-d 'Qiam with ME' & landed on my blog. I don't know whether I should be honoured or what. Hehe! Though I was so semangat blogging about it a few days ago, truth be told, I didn't join the crowd last night for some reasons *blush*

But looking at these photos taken during the programme, I don't see any muslimah. Ke orang puang dok bahagiang manee? And MasyaAllah, what a majestic view! Dewan Jubli Perak was full house, khemah luar hall pun full

The pictures were taken from various sources; Tuan Guru Menteri Besar, Ustaz Azhar Idrus, JKKK Fan Club {yang biasa follow or dengar ceramah Ustaz Azhar, mesti tau inside jokes ni. Hehe!} etc

More pictures at Zam Zamani's Fb

From L to R; Tengku Mahkota, Sultan Muhammad V & Tuan Guru Menteri Besar

Moreh minda with Ustaz Azhar Idrus

 Tidur before waking up for qiam at 4 a.m

May this be a great beginning to more blissful & meaningful Ramadhan in years ahead, Amin & InsyaAllah :)


Safiah Ibrahim said...

yeah, m also wondering where is muslimah

soleil m said...

ada kot khemah/area utk dorg but the no of muslimah attending may be not as ramai as muslims la eh? :)

Fitri Ezwan said...

fenomena ibadah!

moga jadi contoh pada yang lain.

Moga Allah SWT kurniakan lg ramai pemimpin2 yg soleh.

cik asmakghazali said...

salam. hai k.suria. hehe. rajin btol sis update yup? produktif :P btw, it's not me laa reader from korean institute tu. cover pic kt blog tu mse g jenjalan kt korea ritu je. hee~

thaliana_damia said...

salam , im among those bumped up with this blog by search qiam w me the last photo , the sultan allow rakyat to sleep in his palace while waiting for qiyamulail ...ini baru raja jiwa rakyat

soleil m said...

to Dr Fitri;
InsyaAllah :)

to Asmak;
Alohh, jange la oyak gitu. malu la seniormu ini :P a'ah, just found out that it wasn't u. she just e-mailed me a few days ago. silap org, sorry! :D

to Thaliana_damia;
Alhamdulillah, Tuanku is a very humble & devoted ruler & Muslim. there's no barrier between him & rakyat, makes us feel so close to him. he even addresses himself as 'Ambo' instead of using other formal istana title :)

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