Thursday, 25 October 2012

Esok Hari Raya

It's a day before Raya & here I'm still at the office. I literally had to drag my lazy feet into the bathroom this morning. To everyone who's already on Raya leave {including Kakak at home. Pfttt!}, congratulations for making me feel envious! :((  To everyone who's still so semangat working, we're sekufu! High-paws!

I don't feel like doing any work today except for studying our client's probate file which seems to take like hoursssss to finish. No doubt, my brain has already set itself into that Raya mode. Tsk! Boleh dak sabaq sikit?

Btw, decided to be a vain pot while in the car heading to the firm this morning. Presenting to you my separa-ikhlas-going-to-the-firm face! Or more like syok-sendiri-cannot-tahan-la-you face. Hehe!

Obviously, I was the co-driver. As always B-)

I'm in a complicated relationship with my table 

3 hours more to 1 p.m. Sigh!

And selamat berpuasa to anyone who's fasting today! Semoga amalan kita diterima oleh Allah. InsyaAllah

“Rasulullah pernah ditanya tentang Puasa Hari Arafah, lalu baginda menjawab: “Puasa itu akan menghapus dosa-dosa satu tahun yang lalu dan yang akan datang.”  

- Shahih Muslim, no: 1977  
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