Monday, 19 November 2012

Chim Chum-ing

Among many things that I love, food is no doubt one of them. I do realize that I'm quite kedekut when it comes to make up {thus, explains the limited make-ups I've} & expensive clothes but I really don't mind to splurge some money on food. Bak kata Emak saya "Jangan kedekut bab makan ni". Hehe!

But really, who doesn't love & enjoy good food righttt?

So, a few days ago, after like thousands of time planning with my girlfriends, we finally made it & to Food Village Restaurant, P.Chepa we went! Minus, it was only me & Madihah who managed to join. Yang lain-lain tu, semua ada urusan. I told Diha, "It's ok. Kita berdua pun, makan-makan still jalannnn"

True enough as we really enjoyed ourselves, busy stuffing our tummy with these;

It was my third time there but Diha was obviously a newbie

Ok, gambar di atas tidak menyelerakan langsung. So, I stole some pictures from its Fb page

*rubs tummy & asks it to be patient*

Mek & Diha; happy girls :))

My fail attempt of making my own ABC. It surely looks easy but one has to master the amount of sirap she has to put onto the ais kepal -.-'

Chim chum ni nampak macam steamboat tapi tak sama. I read somewhere that it's from Thailand {or is it Korea?} & soup dia is different from steamboat. With RM19.90 per head, you can eat as much as you want, jangan membazir sudah. Selain dari chim chum, other side dishes like laksa penang, laksa goreng, soto, nasi goreng, ABC etc pun ada. All buffet! The restaurant is spacious sesuai untuk family gathering, siap dengan surau

We arrived at the restaurant at 6 & there were only 3 tables including us were occupied but by the time we left it at 8 something, it was really full! Macam-macam loghat ada!

So far, ada 3 cawangan di Kelantan; P.Chepa {near Satey Malaysia, on the way to airport}, Jalan Bayam & the latest one is Food Village Riverview at Medan Ikan Bakar Kedai Buluh. Tempat ni macam lawa sebab tepi Sg Kelate. Must go there someday, InsyaAllah

 Kambing golekkkk!

Click here for more pictures

After makan-makan, both me & Diha agreed that we've had enough of daging till the next Raya Haji. But after looking at the pictures above, mereka seakan-akan menggamit perutku datang lagi

 After 3 hours with 2 {or was it 3?} trips to buffet table topping the meat, drinks etc. Alhamdulillah

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